Best Cool, Funny And Geeky WiFi Names For Your Network SSID

         We are living in a virtual generation. Internet access is considered highly important by us. Everyone has a Wi-Fi connection at the home, offices, and shops. Naming the Wi-Fi is a crucial step. When we buy a router, the first thing we do is, change the name of the network SSID. But what name should you give to your WiFi? Here is a list of best, funny, geeky and cool wifi names for your network SSID.

Most people find it difficult to name their Wi-Fi. However, there are many creative people in this world who keep names beyond imaginations and we find it lovely. If you can’t think of a suitable best or funny name for your Wi-Fi connection then don’t worry. Find it out from a list of best funny Wi-Fi names for your network SSID.

Funny WiFi names for your Network SSID

Keeping a funny Wi-Fi name helps gain attention. The Neighbours get curious to know who has come with such an amazing name. Show your friends and neighbours the creativity of your mind and take out the coolest name from the list.

  • No free Wi-Fi for you
  • Pay for your net
  • Virus infected WiFi
  • Malware found
  • Talk less, work more
  • Get your own connection
  • Click here for viruses
  • Junk connection
  • Ruthless net
  • Hack me if you can

Geeky WiFi names for your network SSID

If you don’t want others to use your Wi-Fi connection then keep a geeky name which may mislead them. Such names open mislead the users trying to connect to your Wi-Fi connection.

  • Searching…
  • Loading…..
  • Preparing….
  • Setting up
  • Testing…
  • Server not found
  • Server error
  • Error in connection..
  • Try again..
  • Access denied
  • You have been blocked
  • Can’t connect
  • Come again later
  • Discontinued
  • Disconnected
  • Danger
  • Malware found
  • Limited access
  • Unknown
  • Device error
  • You can’t connect
  • Dead connection
  • Under maintenance
  • DNS error
  • Not found.
  • Airplane mode activated
  • No internet access
  • Low battery
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Cool wifi Names for your network SSID

Everyone wants to keep a name which seems attractive to most people. Pick a name from my list of cool Wi-Fi name and show it your neighbours.

  • Hack me
  • Don’t connect
  • Challenge accepted
  • WiFi not found
  • Dead zone
  • Get it done
  • Go incognito
  • Test wifi
  • Give me your password
  • Exchange hub
  • Send your password
  • Not free for you
  • Get your own connection
  • Go home baby
  • Get a job
  • Jobless
  • Who are you?
  • Do you want it?
  • You are creepy
  • You are ugly
  • $10 per hour
  • Mess me if you can
  • Don’t challenge me
  • Get a life dude

Hoax WiFi names for your network SSID

Get people to grow curious about your Wi-Fi connection by name and them the following,

  • Free WiFi
  • Public WiFi
  • Free internet service
  • Login here
  • Click here
  • Touch me if you want
  • No password needed
  • Enjoy free connection
  • Save your dad’s money
  • Free for you baby
  • Enjoy you ugly creature.

Besides, there are many online WiFi name generator tools. You can use these tools to get any type of cool and attractive WiFi name for your SSID. You can find any WiFi generator tool on Google. But we recommend you to choose from the above list of best and cool WiFi names for your network SSID. We have sought the best names after a in-depth research. We assure you that these names will amuse your neighbours.

Your friends will think that the names are cool and your image will become brighter near everyone. Using the geeky section of names you can stop people from joining your network. Maybe you don’t like to share your password with many people. Hence, keep a password with seems miscellaneous to other people’s and they don’t even try to connect our ask you for the password.

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