Google Pixel: These Are The Common Bugs And Their Potential Fixes!

            All Smartphones do have some problems which can be easily fixed using some special technique. Whenever the smartphone is updated to a new version, several bugs might be there initially. However, these bugs are fixed after a follow-up an update from the company. Google Pixel devices have recently been updated to Android 9.0 pie. Following the Pie update, many customers have started complaining that they are not being able to use the smartphone property. So how Fix the common bugs on the Google Pixel devices? We have listed down various bugs which you might be facing on your pixel device. Moreover, the fixes have also been listed on in order to solve your problem.

Google Pixel Bugs & Fixes

Problem 1: Navigation Buttons are not functioning

There have been a number of cases where the customers are complaining that they are not being able to use the navigation keys swiftly after they have recently updated the smartphone to Android 9.0 pie. Many threads reveal that the home button is lagging a lot. So what are the possible fixes? We have mentioned down some possible solutions which might help you.

Solution 1: You should try to hard reset your pixel device in order to fix this issue. One can simply erase all the data on his smartphone by going to the settings and clicking on the factory reset option. However, you must back up all the files previously before resetting your device. In case you don’t want to lose the data, you can try another method given below.

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Solution 2: Try out a new Launcher on your pixel framework. You can download the Nova Launcher and set it up according to your choice. A new launcher can be a temporary solution to the problem until and unless Google official release as an update to fix this problem.

Problem 2: Quick Charge Not Working

Solution: Many customers are claiming that the speed of charging the pixel device has gone down drastically after the Android 9.0 update. Google has itself released a note that non-power delivery chargers are not supporting quick charge anymore. Hence, you must have a PD charger. If you don’t have one, buy it from Google itself. Google had released an update back in October to fix this issue as well. So consider updating your pixel device.

Problem 3: reboot loop

Many Google pixel users claim that the smartphone is going into an infinite loop after they have updated the smartphone to Android 8.0. However, the issue was fixed by Google via an update. If you are still facing this error, you can consider any one of the following steps

Solution: The only solution to this problem is updating your smartphone to the latest version because the latest Android version does not have this error as such. However, you can try resetting your device using the method given above in order to solve any kind of problem which exists.

Problem 4: Poor WiFi connection

Many pixel customers have been complaining that Wi-Fi connectivity is not up to the mark and the signal is relevantly low. This is a common problem on all the devices and the customer should not panic as such. It is really easy to solve the Wi-Fi connectivity problem that occurs on any device.

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Solution: Make sure that the aeroplane mode of your smartphone has been turned off before connecting to the Wi-Fi network. It has been seen that the network strength of the Wi-Fi is very low when the flight mode is turned on. Besides, if the device is unable to connect to the network, you must turn on the flight mode and then turn it off. After this, you can simply go to the settings and connect to your Wi-Fi. It shall work properly this time.

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