Here Is How To Get Special Items In Pokemon Go Game?

           Pokemon Go is one of the most famous mobile game. This is mainly because of the unique gameplay that it has. You have to manually go around on the street in order to capture the pokemon and other characters. It is really fun and Pokemon go has already added millions of users. The developers also keep on adding new characters and features to the game for maintaining the interest of gamers. However, there is one question which is always asked by the Pokemon Go players. How to get special items in Pokemon to go? The question has been asked by thousands of users and we are finally going to answer it.

If you want to become the greatest collector of all pokemon and special items among your friend’s group, consider following the steps given below. There are a number of special items available in the game. However, these Special Items of the Pokemon Go Game is extremely rare and you will have to work hard for getting them all. To make your works simpler, we have added the steps to collect the Special Items in Pokemon go.

Special Items in Pokemon Go

The first generation of Pokemon go did not have anything called special items. However, the second generation of Pokemon go which was recently updated, got some new features and special items. These special items can help you to evolve your Pokemon. It is currently available in the second generation game. However, these special items are extremely rare and very difficult to find. With these special items, you can evolve your Pokemon from a stone to the most powerful one. Hence, you must follow the procedure given below to find and utilize the special items in Pokemon go.

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Some Special Items

These are some of the special items available in the Pokemon game which will help the players in different Ways.

  • Dragon scale
  • king’s Rock
  • metal coast
  • Upgrade
  • Sinnoh stone

How to get these special items?

There are some common methods which can be used in order to obtain these special items and Pokemon go. However, there is no official confirmation that these procedures will help you and getting the super rare special items in the game. Players can try the following ways in order to find the special items in the game.

1. Poke Stops

Poke Stops are the special places spread around the world where you can physically visit and spin the medallion to get free items. These are the official spots where you can spin and win free items. However, it completely depends on an individual’s luck if he can get some special items during the spin. The chances of getting special items using this method are very less. But you can try it unlimited times.

2. Gifts

Gifts are special items which can be sent to your friends from a particular spot on the map. However, it is not necessary that you will be able to send special items. If your luck favors and you get a special item, make sure you send it to a friend from home you can expect one and return.

3. Rewards

The weekly rewards in Pokemon go can get you some special items. However, the probability of receiving a special item in the weekly report is very minimal. But it is one of the ways you can get special items. Hence, it depends upon the lack of play.

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4. Field Research

Complete the daily targets assigned to you during the game. Upon completion, the player will be rewarded with an item. However, it is not necessary that the item will be a special one. Therefore, it depends on your luck.

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