Pokemon Go Apk Download Latest Version For Android

Pokemon Go Apk Download Latest Version For Android

   Pokemon go needs no introduction. It gathered the attention of people around the world as soon as it was launched. Gamers loved the new concept of live gameplay. Soon it became the latest trend in the gaming community. The gameplay of Pokemon go is one of its kind. Pokemon go introduced the concept of walking around in real time to catch different types of Pokemon. It uses Live GPS for tracking your movement. Pokemon all spread here and there on the map. You need to physically reach the Pokemon by walking to that location in order to catch it. It is too much fun. Hence, you should download the game today. Below are the steps to download the Pokemon go apk.

Pokemon are waiting for you to catch them. The craze of the game has come down somewhat, compared to when it was released. However, the latest update of the Pokemon APK has added some great and new features which will tempt you to play the game again and again. Get started with the new journey with pokemon and catch some rare ones. Show your friends the pokemon you have connected so far and compete. Therefore, you should download the Pokemon Go apk today itself.

Pokemon Go Apk new features

The latest version of Pokemon go has added many amazing features to the existing game.

  • You can now play in a multiplayer mode and compete with your friends
  • Now you can play in the battle Mod with other players and Pokemon leaders.
  • Invite your nearby players or simply let them scan a barcode to connect to your clan
  • Many new pokemon have been added so that you can collect and add them to your collection.
  • Enjoy the
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Safety Measures While Playing Pokemon Go

You might have probably come across hundreds of news about the Pokemon go game. Many many children lost their lives while playing the Pokemon Go game. The real-time GPS temps you to go to places which are not easily accessible. Sometimes you find rare Pokemon which is located on some main road. People rush across the road without caring about the traffic. This lead to serious accidents. Hence, gamers should be well aware of such incidents and take extra care while playing it. You should not try reaching some place which is not manually accessible.

Download Pokemon Go Apk

The Pokemon go official game is available on the Google Play Store. However, if you have any problem while downloading the game from the Play Store you can consider downloading the pokemon go APK directly from the official website by following the steps given below.

  • Download the Pokemon go apk from the official Pokemon website
  • now go to the settings on your device and enable the trust unknown sources option from the menu
  • now go back to the downloads folder and locate the Pokemon go apk
  • click on install and follow the process given on screen
  • the Pokemon go game will be installed on your smartphone now
  • launch the app and enjoy collect unlimited pokemon.

Is Pokemon Go safe?

Pokemon go is completely safe to download and play. It is an official game launched by a US-based software company. Moreover, it has generated millions of dollars for the company. Pokemon go is also available on the Google Play Store. However, the news was only because gamers did not take caution while playing it and ended up in serious accidents. However, there is nothing officially illegal in this game. You can play the game, however, you should keep the basic instructions and questions in mind while playing. So enjoy the Pokemon game on your smartphone without any trouble.

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