Here Are Few Steps To Maintain A Good Personal Hygiene!

        Personal hygiene is something which is being taught to everyone from the very first day of the school. However, not many people are students take this on a serious note. Good personal hygiene is very important to keep a sound mind and healthy body. Wrong habits can lead to bad it in which in turn will harm your body. Nobody in this world wants to be sick. However, sickness and illness are very common in today’s time. This is because of the poor habits of personal hygiene which are not being taken care of. Hence, we have listed down some steps which you should follow to maintain good personal hygiene.

Steps to maintain Good Personal Hygiene

If you don’t want to be attacked by diseases and other infections, you must maintain good personal hygiene. It sounds very basic and random, however, it is one of the most important things that people should include in their daily routine. Be it students are adults everyone should be accustomed in following some basic steps to keep themselves healthy and fit. We have listed down some good personal hygiene practices, which you must follow in your daily routine.

1. Bathe Daily

This personal habit is very essential, especially during the winters. This is because people tend to skip their bath just because they are lazy and they are not willing to do so. However, it may land you in some serious trouble in the future. You might know that the skin surface continuously shades of the old and dead skin cells. Moreover, is these dead skin cells are not washed off regularly, it may become a breeding place for infection. Hence, you must bath daily and use shampoo at least twice a week. Shampoo will maintain the cleanliness of your hair hand soap will help you in getting rid of all the dust particles that accumulate on your skin while traveling.

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2. Cut Your Nails

Cutting your nails regularly is very important in order to keep good personal hygiene. This is because dirt gets accumulated in Big nails and may lead to serious infection. Hence, you must trim your nails regularly. Big nails in the feet and lead you to serious injuries while playing games like football. Additionally, you should wash the nails regularly after trimming it.

3. Brush & Floss

This is a very basic personal hygiene step which you might have read in your school books. It may seem very stupid but there are people who don’t brush regularly. This irregular habit of brushing his specialty in children who get up late and rush towards the school. Meanwhile, they forget maintaining the personal hygiene and cleanliness of their teeth. To keep your teeth free from the cavity and other germs you must use a good toothpaste and brush your teeth twice regularly. Moreover, you must lose to maintain good oral hygiene. This you will also prevent any foul smell which comes out from your mouth.

4. Wash your hands

Washing your hands after using the washroom is very important. Additionally, washing your hands before going for a meal is very important. This is because you might get in contact with many germs while doing normal tasks during the day. Moreover, studies have revealed that this is the major source of infection getting inside the body. Hence, doctors recommend you to wash your hands every time before the meal.

6. Sleep Right

Sleeping at the correct time and for the correct duration is very important to keep a sound mind and body. Lack no sleep is a major reason which Can attract many diseases. Doctors recommend 7 to 8 hours of sleep every day. Moreover, going to bed early and waking up early further helps you in maintaining good personal hygiene.

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