Most Common Signs Of Heart Attack: Causes, Symptoms And Precautions

  The heart attack is a condition when the heart temporarily stops functioning because of the lack of oxygen supply to the outer region of the heart. It is a very critical disease and one should always be aware of the symptoms of heart attack to be on a safer side.

In today’s generation, the rate of people suffering from heart disease is growing day by day. This is because of the poor and unhealthy lifestyle. Heart attack should not be taken lightly because it can be deadly. A report says that one person suffers from a heart attack every 40s in the US. Most people fail to analyze the sign and symptoms of heart attack. Therefore we are going to cover the topic: symptoms of heart attack, today.

Causes of Heart Attack

A heart attack is a severe medical condition and requires immediate medical help. There are few cardiac Conditions which can cause a heart attack. The most common one being plague buildup in the coronary artery. The coronary artery is a thin blood pipe which supplies blood to the outer covering of the heart.

Due to plaque buildup, the blood supply to the heart muscles is hampered. This causes spasms and heart to temporarily stop functioning. Below are the symptoms of heart attack, so that you can take early action.

Symptoms of a heart attack

  • Pain in the chest is the first symptom that occurs.
  • Sweating is also very common.
  • Feeling uncomfortable, hot also counts in the symptoms of heart attack.
  • Shortness of breath and feeling of anxiety can be the early symptoms of heart attack.
  • However, the chest pain intensity may vary from people to people.
  • Dial 999 for medical assistance from anywhere.
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Variation of Heart Attack Symptoms

Not all people having heart attack gets same symptoms. The symptoms of heart attack may vary from people to people depending on various factors like age, and other medical conditions. Some people have mild chest pain. On the other hand, others may have severe heart pain leading to cardiac arrest.

In some cases, heart attack symptoms show just before cardiac arrest, this is a very severe condition. The patient must be rushed to the hospital in such situations. While in most cases heart attack symptoms start showing hours or days before the strike. Such people have a fair chance to take precaution and be safe. Even on the slightest symptom consult a doctor and get your ECG report done.

This will prevent an emergency. Once you are sure with the symptoms get admitted to a hospital to prevent an emergency condition at home.

Factors affecting Heart Attack

There are various factors that may affect the symptoms of a heart attack. Age plays a major role. People after 40’s are prone to heart attack. Those with a family history of a heart attack can also suffer. Besides, males are prone to heart attack. Women’s have chances of getting a heart attack.


Stress is one of the major reason of heart attack nowadays. Stress increases the blood pressure which is a major reason for heart diseases. Therefore do not take unnecessary stress in life.

Unhealthy eating habits may lead to heart attack. Eating deep fried foods increases bad cholesterol in the body. These cholesterols get stored in the thin arteries and hamper blood supply. Thus unhealthy and deep-fried foods should be avoided at all cost, Especially people who have a bad heart history.

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It is recommended not to take any medicine without consulting a doctor. The high blood pressure medicines should also be taken in the proper dosage. Skipping such medicines me lead to a severe problem in near future. Control your diet and do not take any stress unnecessarily.

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