Common Cold Virus Can Treat Bladder Cancer With High Accuracy, Research Reveals

                A strain of a common cold virus was used to treat patients having bladder cancer. Reportedly, the virus has the capability to eliminate the disease completely. The research was carried out at the University of Surrey, UK.

The research involved 15 patients who were treated with CVA21, a kind of virus which is known for causing the common cold. The results of the research were quite impressive.

The type of cancer which was being examined was non-muscle invasive bladder cancer. Around 40000 such cases are reported every year in America, estimated by the Cancer Institute. The current treatment methods invasive and often involves a lot of side effects and the patients of and relapse.

Non Muscular invasive bladder cancer is a highly prevalent illness which has a lengthy treatment cycle. The patients have to undergo inclusive and lengthy treatment. Current treatment scenario is not really good and requires a lot of new therapies. The patients are often exposed to toxic items for treatment.

The patients in this study were treated with CAV21 virus, which causes common cold in humans. The virus was injected into the bladder of the patients being examined, one week before the surgery. They were injected into the bladder using a catheter. Researchers found out that the viruses attacked only the cancerous cells after the surgery, leaving the healthy once as they were.

The urine of the patients was also examined in order to find out the traces of cancer. Surprisingly, there was a drastic decrease in the number of cancerous cells. The traces of Cancer were completely removed during the time of surgery in some patients. Hence, the result of of-of-research was a bit surprising for the researchers as well.

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Hence, the conclusion was a doll that this common cold virus is can be used for effectively treating cancer. The burden of the tumour and other infected cells were reduced and it was even completely lacking in one patient. The result was based on just one week of treatment. Hence, the common cold virus is going to be miraculous for cancer patients.

bladder tumours are shielded by the immune system and they are commonly referred to as the cold tumors. Hence, the researchers believe that the virus infects the tumors and cause inflammation, resulting in an influx of the immune cells, which has the capability to attack the cancer cells and make the tumour hot.

Turning the cold tumours into hot ones is the primary goal of the doctors. The viruses are primarily used for this purpose. The most important thing is that toxicity of extreme level was reported in any one of the patients. This shows that the virus is completely safe for human treatment and it can convert the cold tumours and too hot ones making it easier for the surgeons.

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