Google Play Store Update 13:4:11 With Bug Fixes; Here Is All You Need To Know!

Google Play Store Update 13:4:11 With Bug Fixes; Here Is All You Need To Know!

              Google Play Store is one of the most important applications on an Android smartphone. You probably know all the benefits of having the Play Store on your Android device. An Android device is complete of no use without this amazing Marketplace. Google has been continuously working on this platform and trying to improve the user interface. Moreover, you might frequently see that the play store is updated. However, the update is automatically done in the background and you might not have seen that. Now Google has ruled out the new Google Play Store 13.4.11 update which has fixed multiple bugs.

The recent Google Play Store 13.4.11 update was rolled out by the company on 1st February 2019. This seems to be an important update because the version number has changed. The new APK is now available to download on various websites. The regular update shows the commitment of Google in providing the best interface to the user. There are no visible changes in the user interface of the application after the update.

What’s new?

However, sources claim that there has been a major reshuffling in a few sections of movies and books of the play store. Moreover, there are some new features in filter settings. There are no changes which are visible as such on the front side of the Google Play Store. Hence, we think that this is just a normal update with improved stability and fixed bugs. This update can also be related to summer logarithms that Google has said to counter the miscellaneous application. It is quite possible after some miscellaneous apps were reported on the Google Play Store. The new update might be a security patch which word enhance the user’s safety and privacy.

Additionally, many users have been facing a lot of problems while downloading applications from the Play Store. There have been instances where the users have reported that the Play Store gets stopped automatically while downloading or installing the application. Moreover, there are a number of Google play error codes which pops up while downloading the applications. This Google Play Store update might fix these issues to some extent and help the users to download and play without any issues.

Overall, this is not a major Google Play Store update when we talk about changes in the interface or looks. However, the update may be significant in terms of internal bug fixes and data stability. Hence, you must update your Google Play Store to the latest version. You can check the version of your place to buy going to the settings on the Play Store and checking the software version. If the application is not automatically updated, you can consider downloading it from some APK website. Make sure that you download it from the original or trusted website.

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