Google Has Deleted These 85 Miscellaneous Apps From Play Store!

        Google Play Store is known to be one of the most strict platforms to list any applications and games. There are a number of tests that developer has to undergo in order to list his application on the Google Play Store. However, there are many applications which violate the terms and conditions of the Google Play Store and still enter the Marketplace by making some fake licenses. Trend Micro, a Japanese cyber security agency reported Google about 85 miscellaneous applications available on its platform.

These miscellaneous applications have been removed with immediate effect from the Google Play Store. Trend Micro claimed in its report that these 85 applications were nothing but Malware to display advertisements on the smartphone of the people who have downloaded these apps. Moreover, these applications were listed down in various categories and seem to be fancy. No wonder millions of people had downloaded these applications.

These applications were listed down under The utility section or other attractive sections on the Google Play Store. Being attractive, many users download at these applications on their smartphone. After being downloaded on the smartphones, these miscellaneous applications served no purpose but displayed advertisements continuously for 15 to 20 minutes. According to the Google Play Store terms and conditions, a particular time is set to ensure that the developers do not display advertisements for more than a limited period of time. This time is somewhere near about two to five minutes.

However, these 85 miscellaneous applications displayed advertisements for almost half an hour. Moreover, some of these applications displayed advertisements every time the user unlocked his lock screen.

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How to know if you have downloaded some miscellaneous application?

You might frequently see advertisements on your device without using any application. This is the warning that you have downloaded some miscellaneous application which has rejected Malware and your device. You can delete such applications from your device in order to maintain your privacy and avoid such advertisements.

Which Applications have been removed from the Google Play Store?

As many as 85 applications were deleted from the Google Play Store after the report was taken into consideration. Google scared all these mysterious applications and found out that these are nothing but malware. Hence, the applications who are directly removed without even notifying developers. Moreover, the developers have been permanently banned from listing any application on the Google network. Here are the applications which were miscellaneous and removed from the Google Play Store. Some applications did not have an English name and hence, are not included in the list given below.

  • Sport TV
  • remote control
  • motor racing
  • TV remote
  • off road extreme
  • World TV
  • TV world
  • TV in Spanish
  • parking game
  • Brazil TV
  • World TV
  • Nigeria tv
  • Christmas stickers
  • TV thrash
  • drift car racing driving
  • TV En Espanol
  • USA TV
  • Bus parking
  • Bus simulator Pro
  • Prado car
  • Universal TV remote
  • TDT Espana
  • Golden apps
  • TV in English
  • racing in car 3D
  • mustang monster truck
  • Sports editor
  • photo editor
  • Ga editor
  • Real drone stimulator
  • Extreme truck
  • TV Spanish
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