FMWhatsapp vs GBWhatsapp: Differences & Similarities

 Using WhatsApp is getting conventional with time. The urge for new themes and features from time to time as changed the focus from simple and secure software like WhatsApp to third-party software. Like FM WhatsApp and GB WhatsApp Download.

The developers have been working tirelessly to make this alternative software. FM WhatsApp and GB WhatsApp both are loaded with amazing features. The mods of WhatsApp are as user-friendly as the normal version. Both the mods are almost similar except for few.

Difference Between GBWhatsApp and FMWhatsApp

It’s quite obvious that if you are using mods, you want some new features and look. Although both the modes are quite similar, we find some differences in terms of user interface.

If you are a theme lover then go for FM WhatsApp as it has a dedicated theme store full of 100’s of new themes. GB WhatsApp has a limited theme and has no theme store.

GB WhatsApp is more like normal WhatsApp but FM WhatsApp has different customizations. This makes FM look a bit different from the patent WhatsApp application.

Similarities between FMWhatsApp and GBWhatsApp

Most of the features of both mods are same. Here are some of them

  • Status length limit increased to 250 words
  • Customizable fonts for texts.
  • Have inbuilt password to enhance user data and maintain security.
  • Supports all file types for sending and receiving.
  • Disable double ticks
  • Blue ticks can be disabled
  • Hide last seen
  • Pictures received are of good quality.
  • Send pics up to 50 MB and videos up to 1 Gb
  • Brand new emojis list
  • Hide notification
  • And the most attractive feature of both mod is that they allow two WhatsApp accounts to run simultaneously on one device.
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If you think WhatsApp has many emojis then think once again. Both mods have more and better sets of emojis which will enhance and spice up your conversations. In normal WhatsApp you can send pictures only up to 2 MB, this has been enormously extended to 50 MB.

With just one phone you can run two WhatsApp accounts. Both the mods allow this feature. This dual feature is the reason why 85% of people use moded WhatsApp. Rest 15% are because of the themes and customizations.

Most people think that is using WhatsApp mods like GB WhatsApp and FM WhatsApp illegal? No, not at all the modes WhatsApp are just software’s which run on the main WhatsApp app. Thus it’s completely safe and legal to use them. Sometimes WhatsApp is updated and mods stop working. That is just because of the software backend changes. Both GB and FM WhatsApp keeps themselves regularly updated in order to avoid these issues.

WhatsApp For Business

You might have seen some companies give their WhatsApp number for contacting them. How is it possible to handle both personal and professional messages together? Actually, it’s nothing but the dual feature of FM or GB WhatsApp. These people have a personal sim and a new sim which they use for Business purpose exclusively.

They just download the mod WhatsApp and start using two accounts of two different numbers on the same device. Thus one account is Business and one is personal. And to avoid spam messages they use the hide notification feature of GB And FM Whatsapp.

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So, we reach to the conclusion that both FM WhatsApp and GB WhatsApp are mostly similar and better than normal WhatsApp. Only FM WhatsApp is more flexible because of a dedicated theme store. Thus FM WhatsApp is better than GB WhatsApp and both will be updated regularly so things can change. Maybe GB adds some extra feature which will leave FM lagging behind.

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