Fire TV Stick vs Fire TV Stick 4k vs Fire TV Cube: Which Is The Best Streaming Media Player?

                Fire TV Stick vs Fire TV Stick 4k vs Fire TV Cube: Amazon has started of ring various merchandise products. Amazon echo and fire TV stick are among the most popular ones. Amazon fire TV stick is a perfect media player which has become very popular and is among the best selling media player devices. However, there are a number of Amazon fire devices which are available on the website. Select one of these items can be a bit difficult. Hence, we have compared Fire TV Stick vs Fire TV Stick 4k vs Fire TV Cube define the best Amazon media player.

Fire TV Stick vs Fire TV Stick 4k vs Fire TV Cube

Amazon Fire TV Stick

This is not only the cheapest Amazon fire device but also the cheapest streaming media player that you will find. It is priced at just $40. The first generation fire stick was launched in 2014 and it had a lot of features which were likable by most users. For instance, the interface voice super fast and there were a lot of content and applications. Additionally, there were a lot of games.

The latest version of the fire stick comes with Ethernet adaptor, but the Wi-Fi will give you sufficient streaming speed because it is limited to 1080p. It comes with 8GB internal storage for storing the games and applications. It also allows you to stream content from both Amazon Prime and Netflix.

Fire TV Stick 4K

The 4K version of the fire TV stick was launched to fill the gap. It supports high-quality audio and video which was lacking on the previous version. This fire stick has all the features which were available in the previous version. However, the extra cost that you pay for the 4K version will be extremely blissful if you own a 4k TV. Having 4K content stored on your device will give you an amazing experience. Having access to Amazon Prime videos and Netflix, you can stream your favorite movies and TV shows in 4K quality.

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From HDR to Dolby, Stick 4K supports it all. The device also supports Dolby atoms which is a relatively new technology and a very limited content is available with this future. You can find some Dolby atoms powered audios on the Amazon prime videos and Netflix. It has a perfect surround sound technology which will give you perfect experience and you will not feel anything less than a theatre. Hence, spending A few dollars more and buying the 4K version will be extremely beneficial for you.

Amazon Fire TV Cube

fire TV cube is something which is completely different from the other two devices. It doesn’t seem to be the part of the fire stick family. The cube is located in front of the TV instead of the backside. It is not just a media player but it also allows you to control the smart home and other products. The device seems to be fascinating and is more than cosmetic because of the ultimate features.

It comes with the Alexa assistant and it has the capability of control and all the smart home products using the voice command. Hence, it is an integration of echo and fire TV stick. Most tech geeks have rated it 5 out of 5 and it was selected as the best product of 2018. It is probably the best streaming device that you will find at a nominal cost. You can buy it directly from Amazon and it is available for just $120. It is often marked on sale and you can watch it out on the upcoming Amazon Prime days for further discounts.

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