Facebook Posts Can Reveal Various Health Issues, According To A Study

Facebook Posts Can Reveal Various Health Issues, According To A Study

                  Social there is one place where everybody shares his or her feeling openly. Facebook has grown up to be a massive platform where every other person in the world is posting his pictures or statuses. From late night party pictures to break up songs, everything is shared on Facebook. The platform has become a place where everyone prefers sharing his feelings. According to a recent study, the Facebook post and status is can be analyzed to find out the disease from which the person is suffering from. It includes depression, diabetes, anxiety, skin issues, and many others.

Facebook Posts Can Determine Health Issues

Researchers from Penn Medical and stony Broke University analyzed the Facebook posts of 999 people. It included 94,530 statuses with more than 500 words each. They formulated the various diseases and symptoms by reading and analyzing these statuses of the people. The researchers predicted the lifestyle and diseases that the person was suffering from. It includes physical diseases like diabetes and skin problems to mental issues like anxiety and depression.

They proposed a report which suggested the personality and mental state of the sample 999 people and how their Facebook posts were reflecting these things. However, most people your thinking that how can the health issues be analyzed using the Facebook statuses and how accurate are these predictions.

How to determine?

The research is focused on the language and words used in the status is to predict the possibilities of health condition. For example, alcoholism is often connected to the word drink, drunk or bottle. However, it must be noted that analyzing is not always so straight forward and simple. A strange methodology states that people who use religious language in status is are prone to be suffering from diabetes. We do not exactly know how can this be possible but it is the case with the researchers.

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Mental health issues like in society and depression over quite easy to analyze by the language and emotions used in the status. Facebook post a reference used to express the feelings and this feeling indicate mental state disorder if too many emotions and sadness are added. This methodology of analyzing Facebook posts is in its early stage.

However, many doctors and researches do believe that this is going to be a revolutionary technique to understand the patient and his needs. A dedicated team would be set up at the hospital to find out the social indication of diseases from Facebook posts and statuses.

Moreover, people at large can understand the disorders from which their friends are suffering from and can take necessary actions. This is going to be a huge thing in the future and probably it is great because everyone is accustomed to sharing his feelings and expressions on Facebook and other social media platforms.

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