Anxiety: Most Common Causes, Symptoms And Attacks!

Anxiety: Most Common Causes, Symptoms And Attacks!

          Anxiety is not exactly a disease but the condition in which you feel something miscellaneous in your body and mind. it is mostly a short term nervous build up in which people find themselves in a worried phase. For instance, you might be tensed about the projects during work or waiting for a medical report to come. Anxiety is prevalent in both adults and children. Many students get nervous before their exam results are rolled out. This feeling of worries and other symptoms which cannot be explained by words is called anxiety. You must be aware of the symptoms treatment and causes of anxiety.

What is Anxiety?

Anxiety is nothing butter period during which we feel extremely worried and uncertain about some situation. This is mostly a result of peer pressure and other social and mental issues. People usually overcome anxiety within a few minutes or hours. However, this is not the key is for everyone. Usually, anxiety lasts only for a few hours. However, there are instances when the anxiety may last for days or even months. If it continues for more than a few days, it should be immediately brought into the consideration of a doctor. Hence, you must have a look at the symptoms and causes of anxiety.

Symptoms of Anxiety

There are multiple symptoms of anxiety and may vary from person to person depending upon the intensity. It is may be as small as few seconds and as large as few months. It gets very difficult for people who suffer from anxiety on a daily basis. Here are some common symptoms of anxiety.

  • A sudden increase in the heartbeat rate is the most common symptom of anxiety. Additionally, there might be a situation when the heart suddenly gets overstimulated.
  • Feeling afraid is another common symptom. Along with this, you may feel a sensation of panic and restlessness. In extreme cases suicidal thoughts are common.
  • Increase in blood pressure is also very common in such situations.
  • There might be repeated trauma and flashbacks of some incident.
  • Feeling of flying butterflies in the stomach for a prolonged period.

Causes Of Anxiety

The exact causes of anxiety are not known by the doctors. However, only researches so that it might be related to genetics. Stress and peer pressure are considered to be the most common cause of anxiety. It may also be because of some traumatic incident which has taken place in history. For instance, if an individual was present inside the plane during the crash landing and survived, there is a possibility that he might become extremely nervous and restless only exposure to that similar situation.

Anxiety is usually accompanied by other conditions like depression. The combination of depression and anxiety is disastrous for an individual and may even be fatal. Hence, proper medication is very essential for anxiety. You best immediately contact or consult a psychiatrist in such situations. Moreover, you should not hide the symptoms from your friends and family. The society around you places a very important role in the treatment of anxiety and depression.

Panic Attacks

In severe cases, panic attacks a very common. This involves repeated anxiety and trauma attacks within a short period of time. This happens in the extreme conditions of anxiety and you should not waste even a single minute and immediately consult a psychiatrist or doctor. In many cases, a panic attack can cause the death of individuals. However, this is extremely rare. You should not panic and calm down. Moreover, you must involve your parents or other relatives to take care that the same situation does not repeat. Anxiety attack gets common with the increasing age and depression.

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