Eye Injuries Caused By Fireworks Nearly Doubled, In United States

                 As people enjoy firecrackers on July 4th across America, individuals must take precautions to avoid any kind of eye or other burn injuries. The number of incidents in which eye injury occurs due to firework has more than doubled between 2017 and 18. The American Academy of Ophthalmology is urgent the people to maintain safety standards while enjoying firecracker shows during the holidays.

The number of eye injuries due to firecrackers Rose from 700 to 2016 to 1200 in 2017, according to the official data released by the United States consumer product safety commission. The data accounts for eyeball injuries as well as other injuries caused to the retina and some other parts of the eyes.

An average of 200 people will daily go to the emergency department for eye injuries because of firework before and after the week of July 4th. This is an approximate estimation done by an independent doctor. She also wanted to reach out to people and suggest some safety methods to be employed while enjoying the firecrackers. She also said that one must know how to protect himself and his children from the firecrackers and that they must not find their way into these statistics.

The injuries are not caused by illegal firecrackers. Rather, 99% of the injuries have been recorded to be caused by the normal and standard firecrackers itself. They are mostly the sparkles and other firecrackers bought by the parents themselves. The only reason for these incidents is callousness and lack of precautions both by parents and children. Here are some quick steps which have been suggested by the academy.

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1. Keep a safe distance: Maintaining Asif distance from the firecracker is the most important thing which you must take care of. More than 65% of accidents are caused because of the lack of this knowledge. A girl was standing a hundred yards away from a firecracker which protruded into her skull. Her eyes couldn’t be saved and now she is blind.

2. Don’t pick up duds and misfires: A person to care about each and everything before July 4th. He inspected everything in the backyard before the celebration on July 4th. However, his decision to explore a du almost cost him his eyesight.

3. Supervise children closely: Spark is seen very bright and beautiful for children but you might be aware of the fact that it burns at more than thousand-degree Fahrenheit. Moreover, there have been more than 1400 cases of eye injuries due to sparkles in children. Every tiny poppers or snapper can be dangerous if not supervised closely. The parents must be near the children.

4. Wear Protective eyewear: One must buy American National standard institute approved sunglasses for lighting the firecrackers. It well minimises the risk of eye injuries being caused by accidental firecrackers.

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