Eminem’s Bodied Review: A funny tale of Rap & Hip Hop Culture!

 Usually, the first name which pops up in our mind is “Eminem” when we talk about the Rap and Hip Music. Some of you might have seen his first debut biographical drama movie “8 Miles” which was a huge hit at the box office, released in 2002. 8 miles was a good hit but here we are talking about his new produced movie “Bodied”. Bodied is an American Battle rap comedy-drama movie which is directed by Joseph Kahn and it is doing very good business at the box office with a good opening.

The movie is written by Alex Larsen and produced by Adi Shankar, Eminem, & his manager Paul Rosenberg. The movie is featuring stars Calum Worthy as Adam and some of you may know that it is already premiered at the 2017 Toronto International Film Festival. We think that the movie is going to grab attention at the box office because of the good production, screenplay, and storyline. Also, it is a must watch for all type of viewers. Netflix November 2018 Movies.

Bodied Storyline-

The movie focuses on a young graduate student who becomes a competitive battle rapper and starts battling in gigs. The best part about Bodied is that you don’t need to be a Hip-Hop/rap fan to watch the movie. Adma is the character and the narrator in the movie who becomes immersed in the rap scene while working on his graduate thesis on the subject.

We are sure that the movie itself is going to attract the attention of viewers for sure. The storyline is really good in the movie and the production work is very impressive in the movie. You all can watch “Bodied” because of the good directional work. The movie keeps you kicking in the phase where you would want to appreciate the art, acting, and the funny battles. The movie has very impressive wordplay and the way the makers presented the whole store is really very good.

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Bodied Awards, Nominations, and Streaming Rights-

We have seen the “Bodied” at the Toronto International Film Festival where the movie won the Toronto International Film Festival People’s Choice Award: Midnight Madness. Also, we have seen that the movie has managed to win the Fantastic Fest’s 2017 Audience Award. Also, the YouTube Red announced that they have acquired the Bodied’s exclusive streaming rights with a release later in 2018. We think that the movie will make enough bucks for the makers and we are sure that you all are going to love the production work.

Bodied Watch or not?

Bodied slightly attacks all the new age mumble rappers too. Some of you might want to know that the Bodied is a movie which represents the Hip Hop and battle culture. We think that the “Bodied” is a good movie to watch out at the box office and the viewers are saying the positive reviews and ratings for the Bodied movie. You all can check our page for the Bodied Box office collection reports when it will be out.

If you are living in Detroit, then you might know that Eminem has already “buys out” a local theatre where the viewers can watch the movie for free. Yes! You all should remember that the tickets might not be available from now because the fans and viewers have already grabbed it. Still, you all can watch “Bodied” because of the good production and directional work. The movie is a cool deal, funny drama, and a good entertainment for the viewers.

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