Joey Arrigo Age, Height, Dating, Relationship Stats & Estimated Net Worth

Joey Arrigo Age, Height, Dating, Relationship Stats & Estimated Net Worth: Joey Arrigo is a dancer and choreographer. In addition, it specializes in trapeze artists. Joey is also known as Cirque du Soleil’s KOOZA trickster. He was also part of the company’s national tour called Shaping Sound Company. He also appeared on So You Think You Can Dance. He appeared on the show So You Think You Can Dance for three consecutive years starting with Season One. Arrigo is the winner of the Grand Prix Award.

Joey Arrigo Wiki And Biography

Surname Joey Arrigo
Years 20-25 years
gender Masculine
Height 6 feet
nationality Canadian
profession actor
Married single Unique
Instagram joeyarrigo
Twitter Joey_DCS4
Facebook joey.arrigo.1
Joey Arrigo

Top 10 Great Facts About Joey Arrigo

  1. Joey Arrigo’s exact date of birth is not known. Therefore, his age is also unknown. However, judging by his appearance, he must be between 20 and 25 years old.
  2. Joey is quite tall. He appears to be standing at about six feet in height. As a choreographer, he has kept himself physically well and fairly fit.
  3. Details of the choreographer’s net worth and income are not known. He has not discussed the details of his income. Also, he must have made a fortune.
  4. Joey Arrigo is gay, so he doesn’t have a girlfriend. Details of his personal affairs such as marital status and partners are unknown.
  5. Despite being a famous dancer and choreographer, he has kept his family details secret. There is no information about his parents.
  6. Details of the artist’s training and studies are not known. Despite being famous, a wiki page with its details is still missing.
  7. Joey is a Canadian citizen who was born and raised in Canada.
  8. Arrigo is a teacher, dancer, and renowned choreographer. He has worked as a choreographer on the show So You Think You Can Dance.
  9. Joey has acted in music videos like “The Night” and “Relax”.
  10. Arrigo has 10.5 thousand followers on Instagram so far. His Twitter account has around 286 followers.
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