Earth Day 2020: History, Facts, Theme, Posters And Significance

Earth Day 2019: History, Facts, Theme And Significance

              Earth Day 2020 History, Facts, Theme, Posters, Significance: Earth Day is a yearly event held on April 22 in order to support environmental protection. It starts in the United States in the year 1970 as a protest in contradiction to the harmful effects of industrial expansion on the environment. The event had a great influence and has given rise to the formation of the Environmental Protection Agency and strong environmental rules and regulations in the US as the Clean Water Act and the Endangered Species Act.

Over the past many years, Earth Day turns out to be a worldwide event and these days it is celebrated in more than 193 nations. On this day, people march with signs and appeals demanding legislators to permit policies that can protect the environment.

Earth Day History & Facts

Earth Day Network who established the Earth Day organizes different themes on every single year in order to make the people realize and aware of the knowledge of the Environmental activities.

This year in 20019, Earth Day Network is asking people to join the Protect our Species campaign. With this campaign, their main objective is to Educate and raise awareness about the fast-tracking rate of the extermination of millions of species and the reasons and concerns of this occurrence. Also, to bring new policies and construct new habitats for endangered species in order to protect them.

Earth Day Facts :

  • Every year Earth Day is celebrated on 22nd April to increasing awareness about Earth, issues, and problems.
  • Earth Day was formed by three Key Peoples Peace activist John Mcconnell, U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson, and Chief organizer Denis Hayes.
  • Earth Day Flag is Dark Blue displaying a photo of Earth Taken by NASA.
  • The First Earth Day was celebrated on April 22nd, 1970.
  • In 2009, the United Nation renamed Earth Day as “International Mother Earth Day”.
  • Air Pollution, Acid Rain, Ozone Layer Depletion, Water Pollution, Climate Change, and Global Warming are the Major Environmental Problems Today.
  • Our Planet is currently losing over 15 billion trees each year, that’s 56 Acres of forest every minute.
  • Global Warming has raised the Earth’s Average surface temperature about 1.5 F.
  • Through the Canopy Project, Earth Day Network Works on the Ground to Strengthen communities through Tree Planting.
  • In Earth Day celebration in 2011, 28 million trees were planted in Afghanistan by the Earth Day Network.
  • Earth Day is celebrated in many cities around the World by the ringing of Peace Bell.
  • Each Year more than 1 Billion Peoples participate in Earth Day Activities.
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Earth Day 2020 Posters-

Here are some Earth Day 2020 Posters Ideas which will visually convey the meaning and Importance of Earth Day 2020:

Earth Day Poster 2019

Earth Day 2019 Posters Download

Earth Day 2019 Poster

Download Free Earth Day 2019 Posters

Earth Day Posters Ideas 2019

Earth Day 2019 Posters

Earth Day Themes –

Here is the list of other themes on Earth Day by Earth Day Network: 

World Earth 2019: “Protect Our Species.”

World Earth 2018: “End Plastic Pollution Countdown to April 22”.

World Earth 2017: “Climate Literacy and Environment”.

World Earth 2016: “Trees for the managing the Earth Resources”.

World Earth 2015: “Green Earth, Clean Earth with Wonderful World of Water”.

World Earth 2014:  “Cities of Greenery”.

World Earth 2013: “Change in the Face of the Climate”.

World Earth 2012: “Earth Mobilization”.

World Earth 2011: “Make Air Clean”.

World Earth 2010: “Decrease”.

World Earth 2009: “How people get around”.

World Earth 2008: “Please Trees”.

World Earth 2007: “Be mindful to the Earth by starting to save resources”.

Earth Day 2020 Theme and Significance:

Every year the Earth Day is held all around the world with a particular theme meant to highlight a cause associated to the planet. The theme for Earth Day 2020 is to ‘Climate Action.’ This year’s theme is formed to emphasis on the devastation caused to plants and wildlife populations mostly because of the human activity. Some of the foremost causes comprise climate change, deforestation, poaching, and pollution. Earth Day Network (EDN), a non-profit organization which runs World Earth Day, are boosting their followers and the general public to raise awareness on the matter. They are advising individual activities like adopting a plant-based diet and discontinuing the use of insecticide and herbicide.

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As per to the EDN, they have been organizing and overseeing Earth Day every year since the year 1970. This year in 2019 they are aiming at species that are losing their habitat. As per to the group, we are losing species at 1,000 to 10,000 times the normal rate. The EDN said, “Many species will disappear before we learn about them or the benefits they bring to our ecosystems and our planet. The loss is so great that the welfare and future of the human species are threatened.”

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