EA Play At E3 2019: Here Are All Upcoming Game Launches And Expansions

EA Play At E3 2019: Here Are All Upcoming Game Launches And Expansions

               EA Play At E3 2019: This year, EA did not hold a Press Conference at E3. It has been noticed that many publishers are shifting from the traditional press conference method to a relatively new one. So far, Ubisoft was the only publisher to have a grand press conference at E3 2019. However, EA organized a separate event called EA Play. This event was held in order to demonstrate the 6 games which the company is coming up with. There learning major surprises but there is plenty of information that has to go out to the gamers. Hence, we have put down all the information that we received at EA Play.

EA Play at E3 2019

1. Star Wars Jedi

Respawn entertainment displayed gameplay of star wars Jedi for 15 minutes. It is set off the Wookie planet and the primary task of the player is to eliminate and liberate the area from the group of Empire. The only transversal tools included wall running and grappling like on uncharted. It was surprising to see Saw Gerrera returning to help Cal in his mission. Saw used Light blaster to cut stormtroopers and go head to head with the wild creatures. The gameplay is quite similar to Fallen Order.

2. FIFA 20

FIFA has remained as one of the top-selling titles of EA. FIFA 20 who was showcased at EA Play. The 20th edition of FIFA mobile includes a lot of unofficial games which includes Street soccer. But you can play these games by adding all the players including male and female. The famous teens can also be included in the game. Moreover, the gameplay has been improved somewhat this year and some additional features have also been added. For instance, composed finishing is added to reduce the frustration while one-on-one shot during the penalty. Players will now have greater control over the tactics used with the ball. The ball is also powered by artificial intelligence in order to give a more realistic feeling.

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3. Madden NFL 20

The new players added in the game have greater capabilities which will improve the performance significantly in the game. They want to keep the star players in the front and in the main role and this is being done by the X factor. Some players have the capability to throw father but that will require you to fulfill certain criteria. Similarly, some have the force to double cover themselves in order to prevent getting beaten up in the early matchups. The addition of ultimate machines good news for the gamers who want to on some free rewards.

4. Battlefield V

EA is doing away with the traditional first-person shooting format in Battlefield 5. Now they are going to make it a WWII buff as eating cloves Pacific battle between Japan and the United States of America. Several new maps are also coming up for the fourth chapter of the ongoing updates. It will include some locations like Greece South African desserts and an Island full of the beach.

5. The Sim 4

The expansion has added new water gameplay. Now users can go to water naturally from the land and enjoy certain watersports like snorkeling and skiing. The what is words have become activities which will get your words after completion. You will have to find the active volcanoes on the islands which can send the lava bomb to the community. Moreover, users can now find beautiful mermaids in the water. The new expansion will add a lot of new features and it will be available on PC and Mac on June 16th, 2019. Moreover, the game will be available for different consoles on June 21, 2019. There roles of some other points which were discussed at EA Play. However, they aren’t as significant as these developments.

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