Chemicals Found In Soaps, Toothpaste May Double The Chance Of Osteoporosis In Women

              It is a condition in which the bone loses calcium. It is a serious issue which can happen at any stage of life but women after the age of 30 are most prone to get osteoporosis. A recent report suggests that chemicals found in toothpaste and soap may double the chances of osteoporosis in women. Triclosan is a chemical which is actively used in consumer products like soap and toothpaste. According to Chinese researchers, women with high exposure to triclosan are at high risk of developing bone issues like osteoporosis.

Another survey of 1800 US woman indicates that those having a high level of triclosan in urine at the highest risk of developing bone issues and having a weaker bone. It is rightly said to be a hormone-disrupting chemical which is used in most consumer products like soaps, toothpaste, and mouthwash. It is actively used in these products because of the antibacterial feature found in it.

Triclosan causes Osteoporosis

Multiple researchers have suggested that the use of triclosan in various household and consumer goods product is not safe for women particularly. It does have antibacterial property, however, the side effects and consequences are dangerous. Chinese researchers claim that high level of triclosan in urine indicates low bone minerals in the femur and lower spine. Hence, the large bones of the body are affected severely because of this chemical.

Besides soap and toothpaste, the chemical is also found in clothing, kitchenware, toys, and many other household items. The first question that would come in your mind is that why isn’t it been banned by the drug regulators? Well, some serious steps have been taken in to decrease the level of brightness and in the day to day consumer products.

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In 2016, the Food And Drug Administration banned triclosan after having found that it actually disrupts The hormonal balance in the body. The test was carried out on various animals and it was found that significant hormonal changes in them. Therefore, the conclusion was drawn that it is important for being used in consumer products which are being used by both children and women. Hence, the chemical was banned from being used in soaps.

In April, the Food and Drugs Administration also banned triclosan from being used in hand sanitizers. Various multinational companies for using the chemical in their hand sanitizers given the fact that it had antibacterial property.

However, the ban came into force across the United States and now all hand sanitizers and consumer durable products are free from their harmful chemical. The FDA also said that it was the first time that a relationship between triclosan and human bone was formulated.  Osteoporosis is a dangerous bone issue which can cause a lot of problem in the old age. Hence, the step taken by the FDA is appreciated.

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