Capital One Venture Rewards Card : Why Should You Get?

  Capital One Venture Rewards Card is one of the most advertised credit cards in the US. Is capital one venture card really that famous? Everyone has heard their name at least once before getting a credit card. So should you buy the capital one venture reward card?

Besides just being a normal credit card, Capital one venture rewards card is much more. It gives you 2 miles per dollar you spend using the card. A big sign-up bonus, high rewards, and flexible redemption make it worth the annual fees.

Capital One Venture Rewards Card: Basics & Introduction

The Capital One Venture card is for those who love traveling. But who doesn’t want to be bound to an airline and hotel brand? The card offers you 2 miles as reward points for every dollar you spend. These miles are worth 1 cent when you are redeeming travel related options. The offer run around the travel segment like airline ticket booking and hotel bookings.

Benefits of Capital One Venture rewards card

The card is amazing for travel lovers and you can earn 2 miles reward per dollar you spend using your credit card. Isn’t it amazing that for spending money on yourself, you are being rewarded? Buy anything of your choice and pay conveniently with the capital one venture rewards card.

There are many credit cards in the market which gives reward points or Cashback points but they are not really useful Enough. Those reward points are not even worth half a cent. But using Capital One Venture rewards card you will get 2 miles per dollar you spend. Each mile is worth one cent if you want to spend it on travel related things. You can either book airline tickets or hotel booking.

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Suppose you bought an airline ticket worth $400. Just simply book the ticket and pay via your capital one venture rewards card. When your monthly credit card statement comes, you can apply for Payment via reward points. Suppose you have collected 40,000 reward points so far, then your airline ticket becomes free. If you don’t have 40,000 points then you can even pay any amount you have and pay the remaining bill in cash. This is very convenient and user-friendly.

Big sign-up bonus

The capital one venture rewards card gives a big sign up bonus to its customers. Enjoy a one time bonus of 50,000 miles, once you spend $3000 within the first 3 months of getting a card. These reward points are equivalent to $500 in the travel section. Just imagine $500 cash back on spending $3000.

Flexible Redemption

Use the issuer’s travel center to find deals on hotel, flight, rental car or all-inclusive vacation packages, then pay with your miles. There are no limitations to redemption. Neither is there an upper limit nor a lower limit to the redemption of reward points.

So should you get the Capital One Venture rewards card?

If you are looking for a credit card then Capital one is probably the best option. It gives you high sign-up bonus along with increased miles per transaction. It also gives you easy redemption options.

There are other credit cards like American express platinum which also provides good reward points. But these cards make the redemption process very complicated. Thus it’s easier to redeem rewards at a greater value with capital one venture rewards card.

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Annual Fees

The only con of capital one venture rewards card is its annual fees. The annual credit card fees for the first year is $0. After that, it’s $95 yearly. However it considerable because most premium travel rewards card come with an annual fee. After considering all the above points, we think capital one venture rewards card is one of the best credit cards you can get at a convenient annual fee.

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