Top 6 Powerful Examples Of Artificial Intelligence Technology In Daily Life

  Artificial intelligence is an area of computer science which focuses on buildings of machines which can react like humans. Therefore, the motive of a machine with artificial intelligence is to understand the working pattern of humans and thereby recommending them. The core concept is to make the Machines capable enough to read and write like humans. Most people think this to be rocket science and that it’s far away from existence. Well to shock you a bit, here are 6 powerful artificial intelligence Technologies which you use in daily life.

All the tech companies are spending millions every year to develop this technology. Giants like Google, Microsoft, Amazon and many more are working day and night to find something meaningful from dust Technology. However, artificial intelligence is not far away it is already sleeping its way into life. Here is a list of artificial intelligence Technologies which we use in our daily life.

6 Powerful examples of artificial intelligence

1. Siri

Most people are familiar with the personal assistant of Apple, named Siri. It is one of the first examples of artificial intelligence which rolled out in the market with iDevices. Siri uses machine-based learning to get smarter and better. Its primary function is to reply to every question asked by humans correctly. The use of a logarithm enables it to predict and understand the natural-language questions and requests made by the owner.

2. Alexa

The powerful artificial intelligence-based Alexa has become the smart home hub. One of the most successful ventures of Amazon has been launching Alexa, a complete artificial intelligence based device. It is such a hit that it’s being sold globally at a massive scale. It helps you to buy products, listen to the news, and schedule appointments. Besides, you can also set alarms and a million other things with the help of Alexa.

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3. Social media feeds

This is such an example of artificial intelligence technology that everyone can relate to. Ever thought how does the social media platform filters thousands of post and show you just a number of them? Well, it is all the magic of artificial intelligence Technology. The algorithm understands the need of an individual using the social media platform. According to one’s need and interest, posts are shown.

4. Super Cars

If you don’t want a Tesla, you might not know much about this. This is one of the best cars ever made using Technology. Tesla has capabilities such as self-driving and predicting. Tesla uses artificial intelligence technology to grow smarter day by day. The company also keeps update it from time to time.

5. Online Ads Network

This is probably one of the most significant uses of artificial intelligence technology in the world. It is the lifeline of the $250 Billion industry. If you have ever noticed, social media platforms show you the ads depending upon your interest. Therefore, the basic use of artificial intelligence is to track user statistics and show ads based on them. Without statistics, all these ads are useless because showing ads which doesn’t interest you go unnoticed.

6. Google Assistant

The feature of transforming human speech into the machine-readable format is one of the most significant uses of artificial intelligence Technology. Google powers all the Android phones with its Google assistant software. Hence, you can simply talk to your smartphone and get a meaningful outcome. Smartphone becomes your friend with the help of artificial intelligence Technology.

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You can get all the work done by Google Assistant by simply commanding it. Google will try the history of your starts and show you the meaningful result. Artificial intelligence has a long way to go ahead and we are going to see more meaningful examples in future.

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