Top 5 Ways To Use Your Credit Card Efficiently And Wisely!

  The world is growing digital and so are currencies. Digital Payment option is rapidly being taken up by people across the globe. When it comes to digital transactions, credit cards need no introduction. This is why we are listing ways to use your Credit Card efficiently.

Nowadays people tend to use credit cards more than debit ones, just because they have to pay later. Thus we are posting the ways to your credit card efficiently. If you don’t make the best out of it, it’s useless. There are interest rates charged on each transaction done via credit cards. Using the ways to use credit cards efficiently and wisely, you can save most of the Transaction fees. Credit cards have some features which debit cards don’t have.

5 Ways to Use Credit Cards Efficiently

1. Tip on repayments

Cash had always been a kind of responsibility in our pocket. Every time we carry cash, we need to be careful so that we don’t misplace them. But plastic money is paid in the go without any issues. No need for change and carrying.

Check your monthly bill payment cycle date. Suppose your monthly bill date is 10th of every month. Then, all Transactions on and after 10th will be included in next month’s bill. This seems a normal thing but the tip here is to use your credit card efficiently. If you are planning to buy something costly and pay much later then buy after 10tgh. Thereby you get an increased time repayment. These small trucks will help you use credit cards efficiently.

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2. Poor credit score?

Many people aspire to take loans for their business or home but fail to do so because of poor credit score. In this case, a credit card is your savior. Besides just helping you with money, credit cards can help you get loans. Yes, you read it right. Pay all your credit card bills on time. Gradually your payment records will get strong. Thus apart from just Transaction benefits you also get a boosted credit score. A boosted credit score means more chances of getting a loan. Hence use your credit card efficiently.

3. Save on your credit card.

This is the best way this uses credit cards. Dave every time you shop. Choose the credit card which offers you maximum discounts and cashback. For example, some credit cards often are given 4-5% cash back each time you book a movie ticket.  And 1-2% each time pay for Recharge and Bill payments. This way you can save a good amount of money every year.

4. Take care of emergency Payments

Need to book flight tickets urge to or pay some bills? Then don’t worry credit card is the one-stop financial helper. book tickets and pay for emergency services even if you don’t have much time. In case of emergency, you may want to break your fixed deposit but even that takes 24-48 hours. With credit cards pay without any time limit. You can also turn Payments into EMI, which also gives you enough time to relay money in small amounts every month. This also a way of using credit cards efficiently.

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5. Don’t let go reward points

Every time you make a Transaction using your credit card, you get reward points. You generally get 1 reward point every $2 you spend on online retail shopping. Supposed that the site in which you are spending is a partner site of your credit card provider.  The reward points can be used to withdraw coupons and vouchers for free. Thus it’s a win-win deal for credit card holders.

Using these 5 ways to use credit cards efficiently, you can get the maximum outcome of it. Remember to pay back the whole amount monthly rather than Minimum dues.

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