Best Forex Trading Strategies Which Traders Should Know!

  Forex trading strategy is the strategy used by traders to analyze when to buy or sell a given pair of currency. Most people who search for “best forex trading strategies,” are beginners or traders. Therefore we are posting the best forex trading strategies to help you make money in the currency market.

Introduction to Forex Trading

Forex trading means trading in currencies, unlike share market where we trade equities. Forex is the largest trading market across the world with more than $5 billion volume in a month which is greater than all share markets put together. Therefore you can determine what potential has it got for you to make money. This is why analysts and investors emphasize traders and beginners to develop a strong forex trading strategy.

If you are not using the best forex trading strategies then you are shooting in a blank space. Making money is never simple hence a strategy is very important.

The need for Forex Trading Strategies

A forex trading strategy helps you determine when and where to invest and when to exit. The common forex trading strategy includes technical analysis, fundamental analysis, and news-based analysis. All these are the best ways to predict the future of a particular currency.

A trader must know how to analyze the rebound level, support level, resistance level. These are the instances where the prices are affected by some issues but does not go down from a particular level because it is a support. A support is a psychological limit below which traders would like to buy the currency, hence the price is likely to rebound. This depression level is where you must enter a particular currency.

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Best Forex Trading Strategies

1. Selecting the market

Traders must know what is the correct market to enter and which currency can give maximum profit to you over a certain period of time.

2. Position Sizing

The trader much know the position which he is making in a particular currency. One must not invest all his asset in a particular currency. You should diversify your portfolio to minimize risk in any circumstances.

3. Entry point

Traders must develop forex trading strategy of analyzing when to make a position either for short or long term.

4. Exit point

Traders must develop a forex trading strategy of analyzing when to exit a short or long-term position. Besides, he should also know when to exit a losing position.

5. Trading Tactics

The trader must know how to enter or exit his position and how to analyze the market using the best forex trading strategy.

6. Candlestick

You might have heard this term quite often when it comes to forex or share market. Suppose on the chart there are two candles, green and red. When the green candle closes low then it time to make a sell trade. When the green candle closes high it’s time to make a buy trade. Candlestick has the most accuracy in the trading market.

7. Moving average

This is a forex trading strategy using which you can determine when to buy and sell, analyzing the red and green lines in charts.

Ironic Forex Trading Strategy: When to change your Strategy

The above-written sub-title seems ironic, isn’t it? But it is very important to change you forex trading strategies sometimes.

  • If risk vs return ratio isn’t fruitful even in long term then it’s time to change your forex trading strategies.
  • A strategy must vary with varying market. This is called risk management.
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Although changing your forex trading strategy is good, it can be costly sometimes. If you are changing your forex trading strategies quite often then it is risky and may cause huge loss.

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