These Are The Best Email Services For Businesses In 2019

                Best Email Services For Businesses in 2019: The 21st century is all about digitalization and the online world. People are shifting from conventional stores to online mediums of shopping. You might probably know the power of the internet and how it is helping businesses to flourish. Digital marketing is the most important field of marketing and today’s time. It is the only way to reach millions of people by spending a minimum amount of money. Hence, you can globalize your products and business. Email marketing is an important aspect of digital marketing. So are you looking for the best email services for businesses in 2019? We have listed down the best email service providers of 2019 below.

Best Email Services For Businesses in 2019

1. Zoho

Zoho is one of the most popular all in one solution for most businesses. It is one of the leading marketing and accounting tools that is being used across the world by various companies. It offers 5 GB of free storage space and a number of users. Besides, there is a paid plan which will give you accept two different features like relationship management and instant reply. However, these are completely optional and are mostly required by big business clients.

2. Gmail

Gmail probably doesn’t need any introduction because it is the very service that we are using since childhood. It is the largest email service provider in the world. It has become really popular because it is integrated with all other famous business tools like Google documents, Google Slides, and Google Sheets. Hence, it is very easy for a marketing person to share and take data of the customers in the Google sheet while communicating on Gmail. This is one of the best email services which can be availed for free. There is no advertisement or paid version in this application.

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3. Outlook

Outlook too doesn’t need any introduction. It is the world’s first email service provider which was initially named as Hotmail. Now known as outlook, the company provides a completely free service for all the users. It has one of the best email services for businesses. The best part about it is that it is completely free to use and has some specific tools. Moreover, it now comes as the default Microsoft email service provider. Hence, you will find Outlook installed on all versions of Windows. This helps in increasing your reach.

4. Yahoo mail

Yahoo is also one of the first companies to provide in our services for both retail and businesses. It is one of the finest email services which you can use for business purposes. The popularity of Yahoo mail has gone down severely after the introduction of Gmail and Android. Additionally, Yahoo has also undergone a lot of financial stress in recent years. However, that doesn’t have much significance to the purpose which you are looking for. It even has a social network which is known as Yahoo Messenger. Hence, you can effectively use this amazing email service for digital marketing purposes. Moreover, it is completely free to use.


This is another giant which provides email services to the clients. It is a German company which provides some other features like news. The best part about this email service provider is that it is completely free to use and the service is available without any issue around the world. Hence, you can use it for your own personal use or use it for mailing different customers as a part of your job or business. There is no premium version of the application available. Therefore, you can simply start using this amazing email service today without paying any charges as such.

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