Speedy Cash Payday Loan Service: Reviews, Pros, Cons & Verdict

  Speedy cash is one of the leading payday loan providers in the US. If you want to buy groceries, pay a bill or fill your gas tank, but can’t because of some short-term financial problem, then you should consider a payday loan. When it comes to payday loans you might surely hear the name of speedy cash, the leading short-term financer. Hence, we are up with an in-depth review of speedy cash payday loan service.

speedy cash offers a variety of loan products for people who can’t get approved by more traditional lenders. However, there are a few things you should know before signing on the dotted lines. Hence, you should go through the review of speedy cash payday loan service given below.

How does Borrowing from Speedy Cash work?

Speedy cash is among one of the fastest growing and largest provider of payday loans in the US, Canada, and the UK. It’s licensed in each state in which it operates as a direct lender. Apart from online payday loans at also offers installment loans and large amount loans but it comes with the higher interest rates.

The loan speedy cash provides don’t involve a lengthy application process and you don’t have to worry about the credit score requirement. Speedy cash will still consider you for a loan. The loan ranges from $200 to $2500, depending upon the state you live in. After speedy cash lets you know your application’s approval, you will be provided with the loan documents that detail the loan’s term and condition as well as applicable fees and charges. Hence, it is quite transparent.

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Pros of Speedy Cash Payday Loan Service

  • Boring from speedy cash is easy and convenient. This is because the application process is very simple and anyone can fill it even without having a good credit history.
  • The approval speed and requirement is flexible. Unlike any other lender, speedy cash offers payday loans without any credit history check.
  • The decisions of quick and balloons are approved almost instantly. You get the fund in a bank account in the next working day itself.
  • besides payday loans, you get other variety of loans including title and installment loans. Hence, take any load depending upon your need a choice.

Cons of Speedy Cash Payday Loan Service

The only con of speedy cash is the high-interest rate. High-interest rates of for long-term loans mostly. Therefore you can consider a nominal charge for your payday loan.

Short term loans can be difficult to repay without re-borrowing. This is a con of payday loans and not exactly speedy cash.

A Verdict of Speedy Cash

While speedy cash does make loans more accessible and offers a streamlined loan process, you should explore other options before committing. With the rate of interest building up on your back and less than Stellar reviews, you can easily find yourself in a worse position then when you started. Cutting your expenses and living a reduced lifestyle for a few days, can be your payday itself without any interest.

Interest Rates of Speedy Cash

The fees you have to pay depends on the state you live in and how much money you borrow. If you don’t pay the loan in time you could have to pay late charges and additional fees, if you wish to refinance yourself. Therefore it will be a negative sign for your credit score.

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As with all short-term loans, make sure you have the ability to repay the full loan amount, including APR before you borrow money. Extra fees can quickly add up and you could find yourself in a spiral of bad debt if you don’t prepare.

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