Apple Might Use OLED Screens In Mac And iPads

Apple Might Use OLED Screens In Mac And iPads

              Apple Might Use More OLED Screens: There have been various official reports showing the dropping sales of iPhones across the world. The sale of iPhone has Been on a free fall since last year. Markets like China and India are reacting to the high prices and slow diversification. The sales have planted more than 15% in the last year and there seems to be no revival in the near term. This is going to be positive news for most Apple Fans.

Apple has preferred sticking to the LCD screens since a very long time and has been only a few years since they have started using OLED screens in iPhones. However, the demand slowdown of iPhones has created a huge deficit in the contract that Apple made with Samsung display. According to the contract between Apple and Samsung display, Apple committed to buying a specific number of OLED screens for the iPhones.

However, the sudden slowdown in the sales of the iPhone impacted the contract. Apple was not able to buy as many screens as promised and this led to a deficit and conflict between the two companies. Hence, sources are claiming that Apple will start manufacturing tablets or other Apple products with OLED Screens.

Are iPods & iPads getting OLED Screen?

This is not necessary and Apple doesn’t really want to do so because it will result in the cost of production going up significantly. However, sources claim that they are left with no other choice. There I already many conflicts between Apple and Samsung and they do not want any new conflict to rise. Hence, Apple is planning to incorporate OLED screens in new devices.

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We don’t really know which are these devices but they might be the next iPad or iPod. There are higher chances of iPads getting the new screen. This is mainly because of the fact that birds are more premium and prices can be hiked easily. There are already many tablets in the market which are having the premium screens. For instance, some Samsung and Lenovo tablets are made up of OLED screens.

When to expect them?

The news is not confirmed and this is the reason why we say that it is not coming any time before 2020. Some Tech analysts have predicted the launch of a new MacBook in 2021 and they might have the OLED screen. Some have gone to an extent to claim that Apple has already ordered tablet and Mac-sized OLED screens. Therefore, we cannot expect the devices with a new screen to be launched anytime before mid-2020. The industry sources claim that there is no other way around to fulfill the deficit that has been created in the contract between Apple and Samsung display.

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