All You Need To Know About The Upcoming iPhones In 2019

All You Need To Know About The Upcoming iPhones In 2019

     The latest flagship models of iPhone have not been out for long in the market and rumors for the 2019 version of iPhones have already started coming in. iPhone 2019 versions will have some major changes keeping in mind the recent scenario of Apple. We have got some updates on the design and display of the upcoming iPhones in 2019. However, the information has not been officially confirmed by the third party sources. Apple is going to make some major changes keeping in mind the recent drop in sales in countries like China. The Wall Street witnessed a significant outflow of Tech major’s market cap. Below are all the expected features of the upcoming iPhones in 2019.

Everything You Need To Know About The Upcoming iPhones


The iPhones will undergo a major reshuffling in design. Apple was the trendsetter in 2018 for the notch screens. Most tech experts believe that iPhones will still incorporate these notch screens. However, there will be certain changes like the punch hole notch. The punch hole screens will already be featured on certain smartphones from Samsung and honor, during the early phase of 2019. Recently, Apple has patented a number of Technologies and designs. Hence, a major reshuffling in the colors and Apple logo may be seen at the back.


Apple is one of those latest companies which has incorporated OLED screens on their new models. Apple has never been scene produced in iPhones with OLED screen. However, in 2018 we witnessed the latest iPhone XS and XS Max packing an OLED screen. We believe that three iPhone variants will be launched in 2019 also. The budget iPhone will have an LCD display panel, whereas, the other two flagship models will sport OLED screens. On the other hand, some other sources claim that all the three variants of iPhone in 2019 will have OLED screens.


The battle for the camera has been taken to a different level by the new Xiaomi redmi Note 7. However, iPhone has never been seen playing aggressively on the camera front. They usually pack in a smaller megapixel camera which is capable of performing much better than other cameras with high megapixel. Hence, the camera specification is expected to be around 12 megapixels for all three variants. Sources claim that the two lower versions will have the same dual lens setup, whereas, the most expensive variant will have a triple lens setup.

Moreover, many other features are expected in the new iPhones. For instance, a TrueDepth front camera is expected in all three variants. Further enhancement in the retina detecting Technology for face unlock is expected in the newer versions. Moreover, enhancement in the HDR mode will be seen

No More 3D Touch

Apple has always been known to remove certain features which are not well accepted by the customer. 3D touch is one feature in all latest iPhones which is not getting an adequate amount of applause by the customers. Hence, all tech exports strongly believe that Apple will remove the 3D touch feature from the new variants of the upcoming iPhone. However, the lower versions of iPhone will still have this 3D touch feature enabled.

Release Date & Pricing

Just like any other iPhone, the upcoming iPhones will be released in September 2019. The exact date will be specified later as things get clear. The date is expected to be 9th September or 11th September 2019. The pricing of the new iPhones is not yet known. However, there can be some significant changes in the price tag of all 3 variants. This is mainly because of the recent cell structure in countries like China and India. Hence, pricing will be a major thing to keep an eye on, in 2019.

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