Apple HomePod vs Sonos One: Which Is The Best Smart Speaker?

                Apple HomePod vs Sonos One: Smart speakers have become very popular recently and the demand is also growing day by day. A number of tech companies have got into the production of smart speakers including Apple Amazon and some other big brand names. Smart speakers are much more than just simple devices which can produce music. Apple HomePod is a flagship speaker, which is bought by most Apple fans. Sonos One another great speaker. We are going to compare two very different devices, Apple HomePod vs Sonos One to find out the best speaker and how both are different from one another.

Apple HomePod vs Sonos One


If you are looking for a budget efficient smart speaker, Sonos One is Surely the one. It is sold for $199. However, if you are willing to pay an extra $100, you can get the Apple tag and take home the Apple homepod. It is priced at $299. The difference in prices is sure because of the brand name and value but there are also some other differences which will be highlighted further in the post.

Voice Assistance

Sonos One gives you multiple choice when it comes to voice assistants. It has long integrated Amazon Alexa voice assistants on its device. However, the company did mention that they will soon come up with Google assistance as well. As promised, the recent update has made Google voice assistant active on Sonos one. This means that the user can interchangeably use the voice assistant according to his or her own choice.

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It is not surprising to know that Apple homepod comes integrated with Siri. It is Priti of dress and Siri works like a charm. Many people ask about the best voice assistant in the current scenario. However, we are not going to discuss this right here. But, Sonos is a better choice because it comes integrated with to voice assistant. You can use either of the voice assistants on this device.

Access to music

Playing music is the primary use of a smart speaker and it all depends upon the source of the music itself. This is perhaps the most important parameter to compare Apple HomePod vs Sonos One. It is because of the fact that the source of music is very important. There is no use of having a smart speaker if you cannot play music from different sources.

Sonos One helps you and getting accessed from almost all the sources of music. You can play a song from Apple Music, Amazon Prime, Google Play, Spotify and whatnot. All these services are available in the Sonos app itself. Moreover, the speaker can help you in getting access to all the music files on your computer or iTunes as well. However, it might vary depending upon the assistant that you use.

On the other hand, Apple Music is the only source of music for Apple homepod users. Besides, you can play music from your collection. However, you will be having very limited access to music if you have not subscribed to Apple music. This is why we select Sonos. It can practically run music from each and every source.

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Apple HomePod vs Sonos One: Conclusion

In our comparison of Apple HomePod vs Sonos One, we found out that Sonos One is the best smart speaker. This is not only because of the cheaper price but also because of the unlimited sources of music that can be accessed app. Moreover, the device gives you both Amazon and Google as the voice assistant. Therefore, it is a wiser decision for Sonos One. Apple homepod is costlier and has limited access to the sources of music.

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