Amazon Echo vs Echo Dot: Which Is The Best Smart Speaker?

             Amazon Voice assistant devices have been a big hit around the world and are one of the best selling smart speakers. These smart speakers are powered by voice assistant software called Alexa. It uses Artificial intelligence and machine learning to respond and interact with humans over voice commands. However, there are a number of smart speakers available. Amazon echo and Amazon echo dot are the two most famous variants of smart speakers. So which one should you choose? We half compared Amazon Echo vs Echo Dot to find out the Best Smart Speaker.

Amazon Echo vs Echo Dot


Both Amazon echo and echo dot are powered by the powerful voice assistant, Alexa. You can ask Alexa to play songs, read the news, weather reports, and many other things according to your choice. It gets smarter day by day because of the machine learning process. Moreover, you can command Alexa and call your friends over the speaker itself. The echo devices have a built-in microphone to hear the voice from the user. However, there is no difference in Amazon echo and echo dot based on Alexa. This is because both the devices are powered by the same version of the voice assistant, which can perform the same features.


Amazon Echo is a cylindrical device which has a 3.5 inches diameter. It is much taller than the Echo dot which has a similar diameter. The second generation of Amazon echo and echo dot has about 0.4 inches difference in the diameter. Amazon echo dot looks like a small round hockey puck. Moreover, the weight of Amazon echoes dot is about 50% lighter than the Echo. Hence, the echo dot a small portable compared to the larger echo.

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Sound Quality

The taller Amazon echo has a 360-degree speaker which enhances the sound quality. Whereas, the Echo dot has the smallest speaker compared to the Echo device. However, there are not many differences between the speaker of both devices. Both of them has integrated Dolby for enhancing the vocals of the songs. However, the taller Amazon echo seems to output louder and clearer sound compared to the dot. Both the devices have a built-in 3.5 mm audio jack which enables the users to connect the device to an external speaker. The Amazon echo 3rd Generation now has an improved sound quality.


Costing is one of the major factors to compare when you are searching for a device for the home. The Amazon Alexa devices also have a variable cost. Hence, you must have a look at the cost of both the devices before choosing one of them. Amazon Echo second generation is available for $100. However, you can buy it for $75 during the sale. Echo dot retails at $50, but you can get it for $30 during the sale. Both devices are available for purchase on Amazon’s official website.

Amazon Echo vs Echo Dot: Conclusion

If you are looking for an Alexa device and this is the first time that you are going to buy a voice assistant enabled speaker, Amazon echoes dot is the best option. Hence, in our comparison of Amazon Echo vs Echo Dot, we found out that echo dot is a better option for the first time users. This is typical because of the fact that it is available for almost half the price of echo. However, if you want to upgrade, the taller echo with 360° speaker will be the best option. There are no differences in both the devices based on the version of Alexa. Hence, the choice of the best smart speaker completely depends upon the purpose of use and the price factor.

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