How To Get Started With Sling Tv?: Everything You Need To Know!

How To Get Started With Sling Tv?: Everything You Need To Know!

       Sling TV is an amazing network provider which will help you can watch live TV channels at an extremely low cost. Sling TV was launched at CES 2015 and since then we have seen a huge evolution in this segment. It is is an extremely amazing application which will allow you to go completely cordless. Hence, you did not have to manage the cable connections of the television anymore. Simply, subscribe to sling TV and get the entire television on your screen without the need of any cord or cable. Here is everything you need to know about Sling TV.

What is Sling Tv

Sling TV is more or less live TV service provider which requires a monthly subscription. However, the subscription cost is extremely low compared to any other cable or DTH operator. Hence, it has become very popular for watching Live television without the need for cables, which are relatively expensive. Moreover, the amazing part about this application is that you can stream on any platform, be it television, Android, or iOS. Therefore, people are gradually switching over to this application for cheap entertainment.

It has become a great alternative to the conventional cable channels. It is a subsidiary of Dish. However, the managerial operations are completely different and sling uses only be satellite network of the dish, to function. Moreover, it will provide you with everything that other streaming platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime cannot. You can watch all the live TV channels by subscribing to the service. You will be charged almost one-third of what you usually pay to the cable operators.

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Available Channels

Sports he is the actual reason why sling TV has become so popular in today’s time. It provides all the latest and big channels like ESPN On its network. This means that you can watch sports as well as another life channel at a very reasonable rate. The sling TV adds on packages starts at just $5. However, the base price of the service was increased from $20 to $25. This was mainly because we have to pay a lot of money to the content providers like Disney, the owns ESPN.

You will get a fixed number of channels in the base pack. However, you can select all the channels you want to watch in the add on package. Hence, users will not have to pay unnecessary money for running those channels which are not required.

How to get started with Sling Tv

If you feel that sling TV is the best option for you in terms of Live television, you can sign up on their official website and get a free one-week trial package. Thereafter, you will have to install this link TV app on the desired device. You can install sling TV on Roku, Amazon Fire TV stick and many other service providers including Android and IOS. However, Sling TV is not available for PlayStation and Xbox. Additionally, some versions of Apple TV does not support this particular application.

Does Sling TV Has Commercials

Yes, just like any other service and network provider, sling TV has the same National commercials running on the screen as advertisements. Hence, there is no way that you can escape the commercial advertisement on the national television network.

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Can Live TV be paused?

You can pause live TV only if you have subscribed to the cloud DVR network. Moreover, these features are limited to some channels only. If you have subscribed to the cloud DVR network, you can cause fast forward and rewind most channels. Hence, it is a great option for people who like to rewind Live television casts.

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