6 New And Amazing Features Coming To Whatsapp You Need To Know!

6 New And Amazing Features Coming To Whatsapp You Need To Know!

   Get ready for some amazing features coming to your WhatsApp. Reportedly, WhatsApp is likely to launch 6 new features which it has been testing for quite a while now. The features are already seen on the beta version of WhatsApp. A beta version is the Version of WhatsApp which normal users can opt for and test the new features. However, you will face some problems like frequent crashing while using this beta WhatsApp version. This is because it has bugs and is not completely officially.

But the new features are coming officially to your WhatsApp now. The new features are likely to be rolled out within a few weeks. WhatsApp decided to add some cool features and upgrade with time. This decision was taken to retain customers who are shifting to alternatives like WhatsApp Plus and FM WhatsApp. Now get the amazing features of modded WhatsApp on your real version. So what are the all-new features that WhatsApp is going to roll out soon? We found out all the features and they are mentioned below.

6 New Whatsapp Features

1. Consecutive Voice Messages

WhatsApp will roll out of feature using which you can play voice messages one after the other voice messages one after the other automatically. You just need to tap on the Play option for the first voice message in the streak. Post that, WhatsApp will automatically play the other consecutive voice messages. This feature was seen on the beta version of iOS. However, Android beta version did not see this feature yet.

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2. QR Code

This feature is not really new to WhatsApp. You might be aware of this feature if you have ever used WhatsApp web. It requires people to scan the QR code in order to log in. Similarly, WhatsApp will allow you to share contacts with your friends using a QR code. No need to manually share your number digit by digit with your friends and unknown people. Simply, let them scan the QR code to connect to you. You will also get the feature to block the QR code if it is misused.

3. In-app Video Player

WhatsApp is likely to add an amazing feature. The new feature will allow you to stream video over the WhatsApp application itself. For example, if your friend sends you a link from YouTube, you can simply tap on it and the video will play over the WhatsApp application itself. It will not launch the YouTube app. Hence, no more switching between apps from time to time.

4. Dark Mode

This is a much-needed feature for those who love to have dark themes on the phone. This feature will simply add a dark mode and your WhatsApp. You can enjoy the dark theme whenever you want. This is convenient mostly for those who chat on WhatsApp at night. We show the same feature on YouTube a few months ago. YouTube too got a dark theme update.

5. Group Call

WhatsApp is likely to add a group call shortcut directly in WhatsApp groups. Earlier, it required users to manually add other people in the group call. Now you don’t have to call one and then keep on adding others. Simply choose all contacts you want to call at once in a group chat and enjoy.

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6. Enhanced Notification

Now view images sent by your friends directly in the notifications. Earlier, you could only read text messages sent by your friends in notifications. This is very helpful for those people who don’t like to reply instantly to people but want to see what exactly your friend has sent you. These features will increase the reliability of users. Enjoy chatting with your friends with new loaded features.

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