GTA 6: Release Date, Map And Everything You Need To Know

            GTA 6: Release Date, Map & More: Grand theft auto is one incredible game which has been popular for a few decades. Everyone out there has either played or heard the name of grand theft auto at least once in the lifetime. Grand theft has been one of the most profitable ventures for Rockstar games and continues to be so. Grand theft auto V has alone bagged billions of dollars of sale around The World in the last 5 years. So are you waiting for the next possible GTA? The Rumors of GTA 6 has been in the market for the last few days and the probability of the game releasing soon has increased rapidly.

GTA 6 Rumours

GTA 6 is the next probable launch of the grand theft auto gaming series and it may come anytime soon. There are several rumors that are circulating in the market, based on some reports from Rockstar games and Sony. An insider from Sony had disclosed that the company is in talks with Rockstar Games to make GTA 6 a playstation Exclusive. It means that GTA 6 would be released only for play stations. However, Rockstar Games dismissed the news and assured that the game would be released for all the major gaming platforms including PC.

GTA 6 Map: Which is the Next Major Region?

Everyone is talking about the next probable location of the new upcoming game. Grand theft auto vice City map has been based on Florida, since 2002. Many gaming experts are claiming that we could see the same map repeating itself in the upcoming game. However, many people have also predicted the new map to be of somewhere in England. This is because it is the only probable favorable location that the company can choose outside the United States. There are many gamers who rejected the fact that Rockstar Games will select a location from the UK map.

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Time Travel Mode Expectations

Time traveling mode is something very unique and we have already seen it in a mod version of grand theft auto Vice City. However, the Mod version time traveling was allowed only in a particular way. Some experts believe that we can see a full-fledged time traveling option in the upcoming version of GTA. This means that the entire map can travel through the time and we can even expect to travel back to the world war days. However, this is completely assumed and there is no assurance.

VR Support

Virtual reality has become a very happening event in the modern day. It strongly expected that the new game will be having complete virtual reality support. This means that you can play the entire game on a virtual reality device. Hence, today she is going to be an incredible upgradation in terms of gaming.

GTA 6 Expected Release Date

GTA fans are eagerly waiting for the new game to arrive. This is mainly because of the fact that it has been almost 5 years since we have seen a new game from the company. However, there are several measure hurdles which are going to block the launch of GTA 6 in the near future. A top official from the rockstar games has already clarified that the company has no intention to release the game during the Donald Trump administration. Hence, the release date may be affected by political instability in the United States.

We expect the launch to be somewhere between 2021 and 2022. This is in accordance with the political elections that are to be held in the US. Rockstar Games is also very famous for delaying the GTA gaming series. We so that the company rescheduled the launch of GTA V several times. Hence, it may take some 2-3 years for the final game to arrive in the market.

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