6 Fun And Exciting Things To Do In Hong Kong With Your Family!

6 Fun And Exciting Things To Do In Hong Kong With Your Family

    Hong Kong is probably a dream destination for most people, especially children. Hong Kong is a heaven for children on Earth. This is because of the dazzling beauty of this amazing place. If you are planning to have quality time with your family and see some amazing sites then Hong Kong is the place you should visit. There all number of things you can do with your family over there. Hong Kong is not only about its beauty and games, but it is also about the education and inspiration, which you will find them. Below is the list of things you can do with your family in Hong Kong.

Best Things To Do In Hong Kong

1. Ocean Park

Ocean Park is Asia’s largest underwater theme park. A walk through the Ocean Park is a lively experience and educational for children as well. It houses thousands of species of underwater animals and fishes. You can find all types of fishes from small to the giant ones in this Ocean park of Hong Kong. Moreover, there are many rides for children. Overall it is one of the best places to visit in Hong Kong with family.

2. Disneyland

It would probably be a joke if we are talking about the places to visit in Hong Kong and not talk about Disneyland. Disneyland is the heart of Hong Kong and a dream destination for all children from across the world. Not only children but adults who deeply admire fairy tales in their life love this place. You will find all the Disney cartoon characters roaming around in the park. The Disney castle is worth a watch. Overall, if you have not visited Disneyland, your trip to Hong Kong is a complete wastage.

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3. Shop the Toy streets

As we all know, Hong Kong is a place, especially for children. No wonder there is a dedicated Street for just toy shops. The toy Street is just amazing for those who are looking to gift that children some gifts that they would remember forever. Shop some amazing toys and Disney characters at minimal rates. You can find a huge variety of toys other gaming products in this street. Buy something valuable for your children, other than today’s modern and digital gaming products.

4. Hong Kong Museums

Museums on the perfect place to visit on a rainy day in Hong Kong. While most places to visit in Hong Kong outdoor, you can visit museums on a rainy day. This will ensure that no day is wasted because of the climate changes. There are a number of Amazing museums in Hong Kong. The list includes the Hong Kong Museum of science and history. Hence, it will be an educational tour for your children as well as your family.

5. The Big Buddha

This is one of the most amazing places to visit in Hong Kong. The big Buddha is situated at a high rise. You have to take hundreds of steps to reach the top. You can also take the cable car to access the nature walk directly. Moreover, you can choose from a number of cable car types, like a normal one all glass bottom cable car. A glass bottom cable car will be an amazing experience for your family and children.

6. Pink Dolphins

When dolphins are must Watch if you are thinking about what to do with your family and Hong Kong. However, the pink dolphins of Hong Kong have become endangered. This is why you cannot take motor shapes to the ocean. Hence, if you can go around on a boat for 3 hours then you may find some pink dolphins in the ocean. Finding one is very difficult because they are growing extremely rare because of the pollution.

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