Amazon vs Walmart: Which Is The Best Online Retailer, And Why?

Amazon vs Walmart: Which Is The Best Online Retailer, And Why?

                     Amazon vs Walmart: Online shopping has become a daily part of our life. There all popular people who haven’t visited the offline stores for one year. With the growing online shopping base, the companies are also growing consistently. There are particularly only two big brands in the United States which are involved in online retailing. Amazon and Walmart have grown enormously in the recent few years. But which one of them do you think is the best online retailer of the US. We have compared Amazon vs Walmart to find out the best online retailer in the United States of America.

Amazon vs Walmart


Amazon Prime has been one of the flagship shipping subscriptions of the companies. Reports suggest that there are more than a hundred million subscribers of Amazon Prime in the US itself. It gives you a lot of benefits like music, movies, originals, and free two-day shipping. Moreover, it also provides same-day delivery at certain zip codes for free. On the other hand, Walmart doesn’t have any subscription charges. It offers a free next day delivery service and same day delivery service at some zip codes. However, you will have to shop for at least $35 in order to be eligible for free shipping. Hence, Walmart takes the lead because of the free delivery service.

Groceries & Household

Amazon currently has three different services for delivering groceries and household items at the doorsteps. Amazon Fresh, Prime now, and prime pantry are the 3 services. Fresh and Prime Now are paid services but are nearly the same thing and are soon going to be merged. Prime Pantry is another subscription based system which offers free same day and next day delivery of groceries at the doorstep for no extra cost. On the other hand, Walmart doesn’t have any subscription-based delivery system. They offer free grocery pickup and also promises to deliver them at a small cost (less than $10). Hence, Walmart once again is in lead here.

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According to some private analytical company, Amazon sells products at 10% more price compared to what Walmart offers. The analysis was done on the same category of products on both Amazon and Walmart to find out the price differences. It was found that if you buy the same identical object from Amazon you will have to pay at least 10% more price. Besides, Amazon also has a subscription fee which provides offers and other discount coupons for prime users. On the other hand, full movie world but occasionally provides clearance sale and different kinds of coupons without any subscription fees.

Product Selection

Both Amazon and Walmart as a huge collection of products on their website. Walmart has become something more than the budget retailer tag. Now you can purchase premium items from companies like Gucci and Armani. According to a rough estimate, Walmart has more than 42 million products listed on their website. However, no figure of Walmart can beat Amazon in terms of product diversity and availability. Amazon has the largest product stock in the entire world in terms of online retailers. Therefore, it is Amazon variable to find a better product diversification.

Amazon vs Walmart: Conclusion

Amazon and Walmart are equally famous and well rated. In our comparison of Amazon vs Walmart, we found out that Walmart is a better choice provided that there are no subscription fees for any service. While Amazon charges different kinds of service charges on various Prime offerings. Basically, the discount which is given to the prime customers goes away in paying the premium. Hence, it is WalMart which has better pricing for its customers. However, the best strategy for online shopping is comparing the individual products and then purchasing them from wherever you get a cheaper rate.

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