World Rabies Day 2019: History, Objectives, Theme, Events And Many More

             World Rabies Day 2019: The world is celebrating today The World Rabies Day which falls on 28th September every year. This day is generally celebrated every year so as to create awareness among people about the rabies disease. It is the day which is observed annually as a global observance after the year 2007.  This was one of the big health initiatives taken to join many people together so that effective plans to be made for the control of the disease. The day is celebrated in many countries including the United States with many organizations like the World Health Organisation. This was started by the Global Alliance for Rabies Control in the year 2007.  This celebration is an opportunity to remind people that the war is yet not over.

History And Observance

Though rabies is a 100 percent preventable disease, more than 59000 people died because of the spread of the disease. This is a huge number and it was also observed that almost 99 percent of the people who died from a dog caused rabies happened in the developing world. Out of this huge percentage, almost 95 percent of the people those suffered belonged to Asia and Africa. Thus many organizations including United States Department of Agriculture, World Health Organisation, World Organisation for Animal Health and Food and Agricultural Organisation of United Nations decided to celebrate this day as a global observance so as to create a platform to know various preventive measures for the disease.

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Objectives of World Rabies Day

  • To create awareness about the Rabies disease which s caused when bitten by the dog.
  • To reflect that the war is definitely not over yet.
  • To get many preventive measures for the disease from the doctors around the globe
  • To reduce the deaths caused because of no treatment
  • Make the whole world free of rabies
  • It should encourage people of the different levels to talk about the disease


There are different events which are held for World Rabies Day. These events range from symposia on the current prevention methods to sponsored walks. This includes public events held at small or large health organizations. These are for creating awareness and also good prevention talks. The free vaccination camps are also organized on this day to treat the patients. In the first ten years around 1700 patients were registered from different countries with so much increase in Asia and Africa where Rabies is still a huge issue. Organizations around the globe celebrate the day with many events so as to reach the encouragement and awareness reach to common people.


From the year 2007, the is celebrated annually with a specific theme. The theme of the World Rabies Day 2019 is  “Rabies: vaccine to eliminate “. This can be done in a way that if everyone keeps their pets up to date by giving them their rabies vaccines timely. This may include another way that says one must know about when and how to talk to the health care provider about the term postexposure prophylaxis(PEP). This includes vaccination of rabies.

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Final Verdict

Rabies used to be a major concern worldwide when thousands of people were dying because of the disease. The World Rabies Day signifies the birthday of the scientist who gave the first vaccine for Rabies. The day was launched in the year 2007 which was basically to encourage awareness about the causes and impacts of the human and animal rabies. To avoid this one can keep their pets vaccinated and also away from the wildlife which can spread rabies. Various events are held in the different organization so as to create awareness in the endemic places of rabies. The disease is completely curable and this day aims at eliminating the disease from the whole world.

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