2 Birmingham Police Officers Injured, Robbery Suspect Died In Cross-Fire

                 On Wednesday evening, there were dozens of gunshots fired in downtown Birmingham, leaving severely injured police officer and the robbery suspect being killed.

It all started around 6:30 pm when North Precinct officers were send off to a robbery in progress at the Family Supermarket, which was a mom-n-pop store situated on 23rd Street North.

As per to Birmingham Police Chief Patrick Smith, as officers arrived at the store, they saw the suspect exiting the store. They run into the suspect and make an effort to stop him. The suspect then dragged out a handgun and started opened fire against Police officers.

The injured officer is identified as Cullen Stafford and was shot multiple times. The fellow officers immediately loaded him into a police cruiser and rushed him to UAB Hospital’s Trauma Center.

Smith said that Cullen is in surgery at UAB Hospital. As of 9 pm, Stafford, who is an 8-year veteran on the force, was in surgery, as per to Smith.

Stafford was shot between five to seven times and was also out of surgery by 10 pm and the police said he is expected to be good.

The chief also said that one more officer was injured in a fall for the duration of the incident. The officer is expected to be okay.

The suspect has still not been identified and the body was still at the scene as of 9 pm.

Officer Cullen Stafford was shot multiple times.

There were many officers who responded to Stafford’s call for help and, as soon as they arrived, the suspect also started shooting at them. In cross-firing, there were numerous rounds that were fired at the suspect and due to which he was killed. Right now, in the meantime, the name of the suspect has not yet been released.

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Smith also said in his statement that the suspect fired from several locations, but the last or closing burst of gunfire took place close to a parking deck in the 500 blocks of 25th Street.

After getting shot, the suspect died in bushes close to the deck.

According to the authorities, there were about between 50 to 100 rounds that were fired in what has been called as a running gun battle, as well as an ambush.

There are also some reports that states that the suspect was firing from the parking deck earlier hopping towards the bushes and continuing to fire, where he was at last killed. Police have also not confirmed that version of the event story. There was at least one person who was doing a Facebook live video from inside the store and then also after leaving from the store. That video has also recorded dozens of fired shots in that area.

Birmingham Mayor Randall Woodfin also said about this event, “We often talk about how our officers put their lives on the line every day for our safety,” he added, “Tonight is proof of the courage, valor, and strength it takes to wear that badge. Officer Stafford, your city stands with you.”

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