Zaira Wasim Quits Bollywood For Islam; Check How Bollywood Celebrities Reacted In Twitter

                   The actress Zaira Wasim who acclaimed her debut in the super hit film of Aamir Khan. The movie is Dangal where she played the role of Geeta Phogat. From it, she received rare reviews from the Nitesh Tiwari film in the year 2015. However, this talented actress has shocked everyone with the news that says about the end of her career in Bollywood. She made an announcement that she is bidding goodbye to her film career as she is not happy with her current line of work.  Somewhere this is responsible for her being out of ‘Imaan’. Her decision is getting mixed reviews from the other celebrities of Bollywood. On the other hand, some of the celebs have supported her decision while some questioned it.

It is also decided that her last film will be of Sonali Bhosle’s ‘The Sky Is Pink’ in which Priyanka Chopra and Farhan Akhtar in the lead roles. In this film, Zaira is playing the leading role of motivational speaker Aisha Chaudhary who was diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis. But the other reports have revealed that she would not be the part of the promotions of the upcoming film “The Sky Is Pink”.

Twitter Reactions from the other celebrities

Zaira Wasim herself tweeted saying that five years ago she made a decision and now she has again decided something. This time it is far better.

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Zaira Wasim Quits Bollywood For Islam; Check How Bollywood Celebrities Reacted In Twitter

Anupam Kher, the Veteran actor says that if she took the decision on the basis of religion then this decision is not of her own. This is because somebody might have forced her but still, it’s her life and her decision is respected. But still, he is saddened from her decision.

Raveena Tandon tweeted to wish her luck and strength. She continues to say that she now regrets her earlier tweet which she did without knowing about the details. Maybe Zaira was forced to write what is not acceptable to people like Raveena who loves film, cinema, and industry. But deleting that post now would sound harsh.

Nagma says that Zaira Wasim is a courageous girl who defied all stereotypes and shined through. We should appreciate her courage and stand with her in her moment of crisis.

The production team of the movie “The Sky Is Pink says that they are lucky to have such a talented actress in the movie. They will support her decisions further.

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Zaira Wasim Quits Bollywood For Islam; Check How Bollywood Celebrities Reacted In Twitter

On the other hand, KKR tweeted saying to the audience that doesn’t trust Zaira Wasim. This is because he thinks that she is doing all this just for publicity. She is the biggest drama girl and will stay in Bollywood itself.

Revelation From Sources

  • The sources revealed that though the film will release in October yet the promotions will be over till August. Thus in keeping with her decision she requested the makers to excuse her for promotional activities.
  • The sources further added saying that she is a professional actor and have completed all shoots. She is now firmly on her decision of not being in the film in any way. The whole team including the director have information about her decision.
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