X-Men: Dark Phoenix Movie Reviews, Ratings, Live Updates Reaction, Hit Or Flop?

                 X-Men: Dark Phoenix Movie Reviews, Ratings: X Men: Dark Phoenix is releasing this Friday at the box office. The collection of the movie at the box office has started. The movie seems to have no interesting content than the other movies of X Men. The movie is an average kind of movie and it will not be able to make more bucks for the makers. It is also to be given a thought that the storyline of the movie is average. The screenplay is quite a week in the movie but the directional work is very good in the movie.

Movie Reviews And Ratings 3 out of 5 stars (3 / 5)

You all should know that Dark Phoenix is an American movie in the year 2019. It is based on the Marvel Comics X- Men character. It is to be known that the movie has its production from 20th Century Fox. It is distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures. The movie is the twelfth statement in the series of X-Men. It is a direct sequel to X-Men: Apocalypse(2016) and seventh and also the final installment in the main X-Men Series.


The story of the movie is from one of the most loved characters with the name Jean Grey. The movie is evolved into the iconic Dark Phoenix. During a life threatening mission which is in space, Jean gets hit by a comic force that transforms her into one of the most powerful mutants that can exist. Wrestling with all those increasingly unstable purposes and also she deals with the personal powerful demons, Jean gets spiraled out of the control. This makes her tear the X-Men family apart and also threatens to destroy the very fabric of our planet.

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This film is the most intense and emotional movie out of all the X-Men that has been ever made. It is the culmination of the 20 years of the X-Men movies. This is because of the family of mutants that have been seen here. Love must face this devastating enemy which is one of their own.

Positive Points of the Movie

The movie is very good directional work.  The production work is very awesome in the movie as well as the screenplay is quite good in the movie.

Negative Points of the Movie

The movie has a weak editing work. Inclusive of this the cinematography is also very weak in the movie. Music Production Work is very average in the movie.

Worthy Watch or Not?

It is a good movie and obviously many people are going to love it. This movie is not a number but one can expect good content from it like all the other X-Men. We loved the movie as it belongs to the X-Men series but we do not have many expectations from the film. The movie rating is 3 stars out of 5.

The movie X-Men: Dark Phoenix is a good movie. The viewers from this film are going to appreciate the film. The content of the movie, production work and screenplay is also good in the movie. The viewers are reaching theatres for the film in the very good numbers.

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