WWE SmackDown : Recap, Analysis And Results

 WWE SmackDown was first introduced in 2002. Since then it has attracted a huge mass of the western population. It is one of the most popular television show. WWE SmackDown reached its peak in 2016 when it reached its peak in terms of viewers. It is rate as “Grade A” by the fanbase.

This year WWE SmackDown has been amazing. With Randy Orton’s entry last week the show has become even more popular. Randy Orton’s entry marked a new advertisement strategy. He called WWE universe as the ‘real’ legend killers.

The Viper’s rivalry has become personal for hardy after what Orton did to his year a few telecasts back. Everyone wants to make his/her name in the big WWE Smackdown live event. Similarly, Android Cien Almas wants to make his name and he is well on track to achieve it. He should be thankful to Vegas as his interference made him win the last match. Lana has taken things seriously and they are going to meet in ring Tonight.

Thus it will be a big match and time to grab some popcorn. WWE is not only about fight inside the ring, but the real fun is also when wrestlers fool around with each other and start fighting unofficially. In this way, Daniel Bryan and Miz Bryan are going to fight over the issue which took place last week. Mix fooled him seriously and the revenge will be taken in the ring of WWE SmackDown live.

WWE SmackDown Duals

Jeff Hardy and Rey Mysterio teamed together against Randy Orton and Miz for the first time in WWE SmackDown in 2009. Hardy and Mysterio had earlier played as a team, this experience gave them an upper hand over the other team. Thus they won.

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Bryan’s Emphasizing the importance of WWE championship really. This felt like a cheap way out. Robbie fox reported no to compete in the show. However, the match lived up to expectation and was good.


Styles defeated Bryan.




This match went AIR on television and fans were grateful because they got to witness this big WWE SmackDown event. Style and Bryan had a great match. The attack by Joe is likely to set up a WWE SmackDown match on Friday.

In the match between Big Enough vs Cesaro, Big Enough took advantage of the distraction faced by Casaro and defeated him.


Big E defeated Casaro




This WWE SmackDown even was easy going and took place at Crown Jewel. He disappointed the management which was trying to make his comeback.

Nakamura and Kinshasa came face to face at the US SmackDown Live. A hippie toss allowed a trip to mount a comeback.


Nakamura defeated Truth




Orton, Mix, Mysterio, and Hardy are the best known among the WWE SmackDown people. The finale was amazing and the match ended with four pros doing what they do the best.

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