Worried About Internet Privacy? Google Chrome Is Not The Best Bowser For You, Reports Suggest

Worried About Internet Privacy? Google Chrome Is Not The Best Bowser For You, Reports Suggest

              Google Chrome isn’t the best browser if you are concerned about your privacy, claims a report. It is suggested that users who have a feeling that someone might be smiling on their activities must not use Google Chrome. Internet privacy has become a big concern in today’s ultra digital world. Users are at a high risk of getting affected by the cyber-attacks and other online data theft. Browsers play an important role in defending all these attacks. But what if someone tells you that one of the most used browsers in the world is not safe itself?

Is someone watching you?

No, Google doesn’t turn on the selfie camera for the webcam to spy you. It please related to the Google Chrome Browser and how Internet privacy is at a risk there. Google is not only the largest IT firm in the world but also the largest advertisement displaying company. Google keeps a track on everything that you browse from the Google Chrome browser by accepting cookies from the website.

But cookies are accepted by all the browsers, so what is the concern about Google Chrome specifically? Well, the factors that other browsers like Mozilla Firefox doesn’t accept all the cookies from a website. It only accepts those cookies which are required to run the website on the browser. Hence, it blocks all the unnecessary cookies that try to inject in your device.

Google Chrome, on the other hand, does not block any cookies that are sent by the website. It stores each and every data which is sent in the form of cookies on the device locally so that it can understand the keywords related to the search. They later use these keywords to display advertisements with greater accuracy. It is a good thing but the problem is that accepting all the cookies without blocking them can be harmful to the device.

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There are many websites which are involved in sending harmful cookies and data to the browser and thereby infecting the device. A detailed examination of the browsers was conducted by the sources in which different websites were tested for a week on different browsers.

It was shocking to know that Mozilla Firefox blog more than 11200 data cookie requests which were easily allowed by Google Chrome. This razors a deep concern on the Internet privacy of the users. Google Chrome currently has the largest Market share in terms of Browser. Hence, millions of people across the world are prone to this internet privacy threat.

Why are they allowed by Chrome?

As mentioned earlier, Google Chrome is the largest advertisement form in the world and it runs advertisement on the browsers and applications using the Google AdSense network. You might often come across advertisements while using different Android apps all even while accessing different websites on the internet. All these websites and apps are affiliated with Google AdSense.

The browser tracks the history and cookies of the user to map the profile of the internet user. It determines the age, income, and lifestyle-related data of the user in order to display targeted advertisements. It is a good thing because the target advertisements are not only good for Google but also for the customers. As it helps you to reach out to the thing which you are looking for on the internet.

However, it may be a threat to the internet privacy of the user and you must not use Google Chrome if you are deeply concerned about it. You can stick to Mozilla Firefox for using different blocking extensions for Google Chrome. This well prevents storing unnecessary cookies to the device.

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