World Photography Day: History, Theme And How To Celebrate!

World Photography Day: History, Theme And How To Celebrate!

                 World Photography Day 2019: The 19th of August will be witnessed as World Photography Day. This day is not only for photographers but also for all people irrespective of their areas of interest. The people gather together and motivate the other generations towards the importance of photography. On this day people share and capture their different ideas to the world in the form of photography. The other people try to get deep into their imaginations and moreover try to bring happiness through the means of photography.

From very small pictures of day to day life to the very beautiful images of landscapes, this day the world witnesses the global gallery of images that are being captured by the people of different skills, values and other knowledge about the things as they live in different countries.

When Is World Photography Day 2019?

The World Photography day, 2019 will be observed on the 19th of August, Monday.

World Photography Day History

The first image was captured in France on 19th August 1939. The   19th of August of the very same year, the French government procured the patent and Francois Arago, the 25th Prime Minister of France gave a presentation to the French Academie des Science and Academie des Beaux-Arts, which described the process of photography.

In the year 2010, the world’s first online gallery was organized. Though it was for the very first time still around 270 photographers joined the platform. There were 100 countries who all participated in the online global gallery website. The Indian International Photographic Council decided along wit its founder O.P. Sharma bout the day which has to be set to celebrate the World Photographic Day.

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World Photography Day: History, Theme And How To Celebrate!

Celebration on World Photography Day

The celebration is done annually to revive in people a spirit of photography and encourage them to at least perform some of their bit in this field. The day is cherished so that all people from different cultures or religion can come together under one roof and celebrate the day. Various societies will organize different online and offline events related to photography that would comprise of different categories. This includes people from different regions to come together and take part in the celebration of the day.

The Theme of World Photography Day

Every year the world photography day has a different theme. The theme lets people compete and capture images based on a single idea. This also helps us to recognize and witness the creativity of different people throughout.  The theme of World Photography Day in the year 2017 was the theme of Understanding Clouds. The theme that was observed in the year 2018 on 19th August was “Be nice”.

Celebration Across The World

Celebration in India

In India, the day is celebrated with so much fervor and enthusiasm. It is not only witnessed in the national capital but it is celebrated in different parts of the country. Different schools organize interschool competitions for photography.

Celebration in the United States

The USA is home to the very renowned application builder Mark Zuckerburg. Recently the photography work was appreciated in facebook.  Facebook became a platform for many users across the globe to appreciate the work of all photographers. The World Photographic Forum is for them.

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Celebration in France

The celebration in France is also very exciting and this is because it is the country which gave origin to the World Photography Day. The first picture was captured in France. The people of France click pictures, go to cinemas and enjoy their day.

Celebration in England

In England, the day is celebrated with so much enthusiasm.  The day in England is celebrated with many award ceremonies. People from different part of the world come and take part in different competitions which are basically held for bringing out the talent and interests of people in this field.

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