2019 World Junior Hockey Championship: Team List, Scores & Highlights

2019 World Junior Hockey Championship: Team List, Scores And Highlights

    Canada unlocked its c competition with a leading 14-0 win against Denmark. The match was extraordinary and even with a one-sided win, it was exceptional to watch. Team Canada remarkably did not give a single chance to the team Denmark to lead any point. Even though, Denmark not even recorded a shot up to more than half-way over the first period.

The 2019 IIHF World Junior Championship began from 26th December 2018 and is the 43rd Ice Hockey World Junior Championship. The tournament will conclude on 5th January 2019 with its gold medal game. Canada with this tournament has hosted IHWJC for the 13th time.

Out of 21 players in team Canada, 19 recorded at least one point comprising goaltender Michael DiPietro. The one player from Canada that did not get on the score chart was defenseman Noah Dobson.

The tournament was very incredible and astonishing; therefore we are here to provide you the details of the tournament as well as Canada vs Denmark match details.

About 2019 IIHF World Junior Championship:

Host country: Canada

Dates: 26th December 2018 to 5th January 2019

Total Teams: 10

Venues: Rogers Arena, Vancouver Save-On-Foods Memorial Centre, Victoria

Team Canada: Planned Team list

Team Canada Forwards players

Talking about the team Canada forwards players, here are their names:

Left Wing           

Maxime Comtois

Alexis Lafreniere

Morgan Frost

Joseph Veleno

Team Canada Centre players

Cody Glass

Jaret Anderson-Dolan

Barrett Hayton

Shane Bowers

Right Wing

21 Owen Tippett

Brett Leason

Jack Studnicka

Nick Suzuki

MacKenzie Entwistle

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Team Canada Defensemen

Talking about the team Canada Defensemen players, here are their names:

Left Defence     

Markus Phillips

Ty Smith

Jared McIsaac

Josh Brook

Right Defence  

Noah Dobson

Evan Bouchard

Ian Mitchell

Team Canada Goaltenders

Talking about the team Canada goalkeepers, here are their names:

Mikey DiPietro

Ian Scott

Team Denmark: Planned team list

Team Denmark Forwards Players

Talking about the team Denmark Forwards, here are their names:

Left Wing                           

Jonathan Brinkman

Andreas Grundtvig

Jakob Wittendorf

Oliver Kjær

Team Denmark Centre Players

Jonas Rondbjerg

David Madsen

Christoffer Gath

Gustav Green

Right Wing

Lucas Andersen

Lukas Bach Nielsen

Emil Marcussen

Phillip Schultz

Team Denmark Defensemen

Left Defence     

Malte Setkov

Jeppe Urup Mogensen

Lasse Helm Mortensen

Right Defence

Talking about the team Denmark Defensemen, here are their names:

Oscar Schulze

Victor Andersen

Daniel Baastrup Andersen

Team Denmark Goaltenders

Talking about the team Denmark goalkeepers, here are their names:

Mads Sogaard

William Rorth

About the Canada vs. Denmark match

Puck drop: 8:00 PM EST / 5:00 PM PST

Telecast in Canada: TSN1, TSN3, TSN4, TSN5, TSN4K (English,) RDS (French)

Telecast in the United States: NHL Network

Live stream: TSN Direct, RDS Direct

Canada vs. Denmark match: Highlights

8:11 pm EST: At 8:00 pm the game was on and started with lots of energy and enthusiasm.

8:16 pm EST: With less than five minutes, Morgan Frost shot its first goal for Canada which leads to 1-0 score on scoreboard.

8:21 pm EST:  With a great passing performance Canada scores again, leading 2-0 on scoreboards.

8:27 pm EST: Only half time is left for the first period and Canada is outshooting Denmark with its great performance.

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8:42 pm EST: Morgan Frost scores again for Canada with just 42 seconds left in the first period, scoring 3-0 on scoreboard.

 Canada vs. Denmark First Period: Scores

Canada: 3 goals

Denmark: 0 goals

8:59 pm EST: At 8:59 pm, the second period gets started.

9:00 pm EST: With less than a minute into the second period the Captain Maxime Comtois score another goal. This leads to 4-0 on scoreboards.

9:02 pm EST: Another goal from Morgan Frost with his hat-trick and leading to5-0 scores.

9:15 pm EST: A power-play goal from Jack Studnicka for team Canada leading to 6-0 scores.

9:27 pm EST: A great goal from Owen Tippett for team Canada, leading to 7-0 scores.

9:35 pm EST: Team Canada has an exceptional game with another goal from the assistant captain Jaret Anderson-Dolan. This leads to his first point of the night exceeding the scores to 8-0.

Canada vs. Denmark Second period: Scores

Canada: 8 goals

Denmark: 0 goals

9:57 pm EST: The third period started at 9:57 pm.

9:59 pm EST: Michael DiPietro stops Phillip Schultz on the penalty shot.

10:02 pm EST: Maxime Comtois with his brilliant shot scored one more point for team Canada, leading the scores to 9-0.

10:08 pm EST: Maxime Comtois again gave his best shot leading to 10-0 score.

10:14 pm EST: Brett Leason goes top shelf over Mads Sogaard and added one more score to team Canada. The scores were 11-0.

10:22 pm EST: Brett Leason quickly scores his second goal of the game and gave 12-0 score lead.

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10: 23 pm EST: Maxime Comtois scores his fourth shot of the night leading to 13-0 scores.

10:30 pm EST: MacKenzie Entwistle, who was planned for this game as the 13th forward player, gave the wrist shot over Rorth for his first point of the night. This lead to 14-0 scores on scoreboard.

Canada vs. Denmark Third period: Scores

Canada: 14 goals

Denmark: 0 goals

10:36 pm EST: For Denmark, Player of the game was Phillip Schultz. For Canada, Player of the game was Morgan Frost, and the supporters chant “Frosty.”

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