Arsenal vs Manchester United; Know Their History And Result Highlights

       The two most best teams in FA Cup history that is Arsenal and Manchester United had their head-to-head in a fourth round clash that made everyone more excited. The Arsenal vs Manchester United match was held on Friday, 25th January 2019. The team which wins this FA Cup fourth-round kick-off on Friday is Manchester United with 3-1 scores against Arsenal.

This Friday’s match was the most striking fixture of the fourth round and was the great chance for Solskjaer to get over the Arsenal again. This was the big game for both of the teams and both were expected to have a real go and have capabilities to give the great competition to each other, which they did on Friday. But the winner could be one and Manchester United with 3-1 scores against Arsenal proves to be the real winner. It was a brilliant performance from Manchester United.

Arsenal and Manchester United History

Previously, there have been 14 FA Cup ties amongst Arsenal and Manchester United, removing each one seven times respectively, even together with final victories. Neither side has remained knocked out from an additional more frequently in the competition’s history.

Manchester United, Juan Mata in 10 FA Cup starts has stayed involved in 11 goals in contradiction of Premier League opposition with 3 goals and 8 assists.

Arsenal have secured 12 of their preceding 13 FA Cup competitions contrary to associated Premier League sides (L1), with their overthrow in that time approaching at home in contradiction of Watford in 2015-16.

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This was the third time that Arsenal has hosted Manchester United in the FA Cup. They have gained the earlier two competitions that are in 1937 and 1988. In January 1937 they won with the scores of 5-0 whereas 2-1 in February 1988.

Arsenal, in the earlier three seasons of FA Cup have knocked out Manchester United in the 2002-03 fifth round and 2004-05 final round as well as 2014-15 in the quarter-final round.

Manchester United lost only one of their previous 14 FA Cup fourth round ties. In 2011-12 season they lose against Liverpool.

In the last eight FA Cup matches between Arsenal and Manchester United there has been total number of 5 red card granted. Three of the red card was granted to Arsenal team players such as Nelson Vivas in April 1999, Jose Reyes in May 2005 and Emmanuel Eboue in February 2008. The two of the red card was awarded to Manchester United team players such as Roy Keane in April 1999 and Angel Di Maria in March 2015.

About the Match

Alexis Sanchez kicks the ball into the net from a constricted angle

Romelu Lukaku was just outside the area and gave the pass to Sanchez who ticked around Cech afore kicking the ball into the net from an acute angle. It was an exceptional goal and also the disguised pass from Lukaku was excellent to a certain extent. This leads to Manchester United at 1 and Arsenal at 0.

Two goals in two minutes

On the edge of the area, Shaw secured the ball and set off on a stretched crosswise run in the direction of the midway line in advance of playing the ball down the right wing for Lukaku.

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He arranged himself to run flawlessly to stay onside and then passed the ball to Lingard, who steadily grabbed the ball and skidded the ball cautiously past Cech. That was a classic counter-attacking goal which leads to Manchester United at 2 and Arsenal still at zero.

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang kick-off the ball from close range

Iwobi gave a short pass down the left to Ramsey, who then rushed into the area and stuck the ball through the six-yard box. The extending Lacazette couldn’t get sufficient on the ball to score but his touch averted it to Aubameyang, who then cleared it into an open net from six yards. This leads to Manchester United at 2 and Arsenal at one score.

Half time: Manchester United 2-1 Arsenal

Till the half time Manchester United was at 2 and Arsenal was at one score.

Final Goal of Manchester United

Pogba walks frontward from deep inside his own half and then he finishes serenely, sweeping the ball past the recuperating Cech at the near post. This gave another goal to Manchester United and due to not any further goals from Arsenal after the remaining half time; Manchester United won the match with 3-1 scores leads.

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