Why Trump Should Avoid War With Iran And Why It Is Bad For Administration And America?

Why Trump Should Avoid War With Iran And Why It Is Bad For Administration And America?

            The tension between Iran and the US has risen up due to a recent incident held on Thursday where Iran shot down an unarmed as well as unmanned U.S. Navy MQ-4C Triton drone. The incident took place when it was flying in international airspace over the Strait of Hormuz.

This occurrence is sure-fire to trigger some serious discussions within the Trump administration about how to answer back to such a direct attack on a U.S. military asset.

There has been speculation regarding this that the tensions between these two nations might end up in a war, though there is no such confirmation regarding this. Well, even if it is assumed to be true then Trump should avoid any kind of war against Iran as it may later turn out bad for the administration as well as the nation.

Trump administration has taken no strong or accurate objectives that would be served by the use of military force in contradiction of Iran. Iran is excessively big as well as strong to be knocked down, and there is also no strong, united opposition who is able of stimulating the kind of discontent that may possibly take over the government in the wake of U.S. military strikes.

The tensions between these two nations have been increased since Mr. Trump drew America from the 2015 international nuclear deal last year and then later also re-imposed the sanctions on Iran.

In the reply to more limited U.S. military attacks, Iran has numerous opportunities accessible in order to raise the cost for the U.S. as well as its support system in the region which comprises in Lebanon, Iraq, Yemen, and Afghanistan.

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Well, they should really understand that there is no reason to believe that Iran’s supreme leader is prepared to suffer the disgrace of returning to negotiations as well as give up to U.S. demands, particularly since it was the Trump administration that walked away from an agreement with which the Iranians were fulfilling.

As the 2020 election is approaching and the last thing Trump needs to control in gas prices. But that’s to be expected what he’ll get should the U.S. and Iran find themselves in the clash.

There is also no indication that President Trump is ready to propose Iran concessions to appeal Tehran back to the table.

A war with Iran deprived of any substantial international support, and alleged to be America’s fault, would leave the U.S. lonely and out-of-the-way and bearing full accountability. More than to be expected, this kind of unilateralism would hand Russia, China and also Iran a vast propaganda benefit and will deteriorate U.S. influence and power in the coming after days.

Even if the U.S goes to war against Iran, at the best we can assume that it will be able to assemble the political and maybe military support of four countries such as the United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Israel.

Well, there is a lot of risk and uncertainty regarding the conflict and worsening their relationship against Iran. The decision may cause harm to the administration along with the nation and this is not what anyone wants.

About the earlier incident on Thursday, Sarah Sanders, White House spokeswoman, said that President Donald Trump had been “briefed on the reports of a missile strike in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia”.

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She then further added, “We are closely monitoring the situation and continuing to consult with our partners and allies.”

On Thursday night, President Trump had also approved military strikes against Iran in retaliation for downing an American surveillance drone, but then, later on, he pulled it back from launching them after a day of rising tensions between the two nations.

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