Google Has Announced Two New Applications For People With Hearing Aid

          Technology has improved the lives of millions of people across the world. The main motive of technology is making human life simpler and better. Google has always been working in this context and has made some exceptional innovations in the past few years. Now Google has come up with a fresh concept which will change the lives of millions of people having a hearing aid. Google has announced two applications, namely  Live Transcribe and Sound Amplifier.

These applications will improve the lives of people who have a problem with listening to others. Hence, these applications specially designed for people who have a hearing aid. Both the Google applications will serve the purpose of transcribing and translating voice into words so that people with a hearing aid can understand. The new Google applications mainly try to establish and fill up the communication gap between a normal person and a person who cannot hear.

Google Transcribe

Google has officially announced the launch of a new application called Google Transcribe. This is nothing but a very simple application which will grab the voice of the speaker in real time and transcribe the message on the smartphone’s screen. The application will have a simple Black background and boot button. Once the person clicks on the start button, the microphone will get activated and start transcribing the verbal context. The entire conversation will be displayed on a black background. Hence, people with a hearing aid can easily understand the voice of a normal person.

In short, the application is powered by the Google speech recognition Technology. This Google speech recognition technology which is normally found on the voice typing keyboard will help the application to display the verbal message in form of texts to the receiver. Hence, Google has done excellent work to bridge the gap between two people.

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Google Amplifier

Google amplifier is the second app which was announced by the tech giant day before yesterday. This is a fantastic application which will help people who can hear but not apply. Additionally, the application is for those people who cannot hear in noisy situations. Hence, the Google amplifier application will help such people to listen to their family members in a noisy environment.

This is a simple application which will enable the Google voice recognition on your smartphone when you turn the application on. The person should use a headphone or earphone to hear the voice clearly. How does this work? There is no rocket science behind this technology. The application simply catches the voice in a noisy situation and cuts all the useless noise. It simply works as an amplifier and amplifies the clear voice into the earphone. Hence, Google absolutely deserves appreciation for such efforts.

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