When Is Australia Day 2019 : History, Facts And Significance

When Is Australia Day 2019 : History, Facts And Significance

        Australia Day celebration is about to knock the door of each Australian. It is a national day for all Australia. They not only celebrate the goodness of the country but also what is good being an Australian.

The day marks the patriotism for the country where people showcase their community. The day falls on January,26. It is celebrated every year by the people there so as to depict their love and dedication towards their country.

Just by celebrating the day, people in South Australia feels proud for their past. The day also brings new consciences to the lives of people and their bright future ahead.

When Is Australia Day 2019?

Saturday,  26 January

History of the Australia Day

The Australia Day can be traced all the way to the period of 1787. During this very year, a fleet of eleven ships known as the first fleet departed from England to Australia. This depart was under the authority of British Admiralty and the command of  Captain Arthur Phillips.

The fleet was sent to establish a penal colony on New South Wales Coast at Botany Bay. This area was chosen specifically because it was once claimed by Lieutenant James Cook. The claim happened seven years prior. However, when the fleet arrived around January 18th, it became quite apparent that Botany Bay would not be a suitable location for a penal colony.

After this captain, Arthur Phillip traveled himself about 7.5 km north to see if Port Jackson was a better place. They stayed there until 23rd January and named it Sydney Cove. It was named after Thomas Townshend who used to be the first Viscount Sydney. During this time they also met and interacted with the Aboriginal people who lived there. Then after this on January 24th, Captain Phillip gave orders to take the fleet to Sydney Cove. However, due to a massive gale that was blowing, it was nearly impossible to move the fleet. The fleet wouldn’t be able to leave Botany Bay and anchor in Sydney Bay until January 26th, thereby making January 26th Australia Day.

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However this day they finally reached the Sydney Bay, it wasn’t when the colony was fully established. That didn’t occur until the day 7th February 1788. Here the formal proclamation of the colony was read aloud. It was the month of February when the vesting of land to King George 3 has also occurred.

Australia Day Customs and  Celebrations

The day is celebrated with great enthusiasm and with a feeling of nationalism. It is celebrated in the same as it is done in United States on their day of independence. People who have their day off work with barbecue,can watch sports event or even attend outdoor concerts. In Sydney, there are boat and ferry races and in Adelaide, people celebrate with parades, fireworks and a cricket match. Some Australians will open up a “slab,” which is a case of beer in popular Australian or enjoy some Tim Tams – Australia’s favorite chocolate biscuit. It is celebrated in the Elder Park, Adelaide mainly for the people of South Australia. It is a bigger concert in the country than the celebration of new year as well.

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