Australia Day In The City 2019: Parade, Concert And Fireworks

Australia Day In The City 2019- Parade, Concert And Fireworks

      Australia Day in the city is the major public day. The celebration is enjoyed in South Australia. People there celebrate it every year as their national day. The celebration is held at Elder Park in Adelaide on the 26th January. The day is full of patriotism and great love for the country.

Vibrancy, color, community and the celebration of national pride surrounds the day in the event. The event basically involves three elements. All the three are named as Australia Day Parade, Concert, and Fireworks.

Smoking Ceremony

The Australian Day 2019 is about to come and the excitement is also at its peak. The morning of the day will start with smoking and a mourning ceremony which is led by the Senior Aboriginal leader Major Summer and Rosemary Wanganeen. The aim of the ceremony is to begin the day with a sincere acknowledgment to the aboriginal people. It includes people from the Adelaide those are regional and across Australia too. The ceremony entails a gesture of hope mad well being for the whole year. It is a national day thus is celebrated with great excitement.

Australia Day Parade

The event begins with one of the largest Australia Day Parades in the country. It is started at 6 pm and almost 4000 people across Australia gather for this. People here celebrate what they love about Australia and being an Australia showcase their culture and celebrate their community. The Parade includes over a 100 community groups, vintage cars, horses, marching bands, a giant echidna, floats, giant characters and includes a fly past by an F-18 Hornet. The Australia Day parade shows their community and culture to all the people lined up at King William Street to enjoy the parade.

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Australia Day 2019 Parades

Australia Day Concert

After the parade, almost 40000 people join together in elder Park to celebrate the Australian Day Concert. The concert starts with the welcome given by the members of Kaurna Community. Following this, there is singing of the national anthem, flag raising, and a 21 gun salute. The Veronicas will headline the 2019 concert which is supported by a Sundance kid.

Australia’s Day Fireworks

In the evening all eyes turn up to the beautiful river Torrens as the fireworks are seen in the night sky. Best vantage spots for watching the fireworks:

Elder Park, Adelaide

On the grass in front of the Adelaide Casino, Intercontinental Hotel and Adelaide Convention Centre.

The Australia Fireworks are provided by the Foti Fireworks. They have extensive experience in pyrotechnics including New Year’s eve, Perth Skyworks, the 100th anniversary of Navy and more. It is presented by Aus Gold Mining.

Kumangka, Mukapainga, Tampinga is our way of acknowledging, remembering and recognizing and also thanking people. Those aboriginal people that are responsible for contributing in the community. These individuals have committed to bettering the lives and identities of Aboriginal people in South Australia and abroad simultaneously bridging both worlds.

Event Information

Australian Day in the city is proudly represented by the City of Adelaide and is managed by the Australian Day Council of South Australia.

Australia Day in the city is currently seeking organizations to partner with to present the event- Partner with us. The Australia Day event also aims to produce the Zero Waste Event.

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