WhatsApp Update 2.19.42 Beta Version Is Now Rolling Out!

          WhatsApp is the best social message in the application which is available on all the platforms. There is probably know competitor of WhatsApp in near future. With every update, WhatsApp tries to add something new to its existing amazing application. Similarly, WhatsApp Messenger 2.19.42 Beta version is finally available with the number of improved features. It is basically a regular update with some updated features like voice call and video call. We have listed down all the features that and included and updated in this version of WhatsApp Messenger.

WhatsApp has remained the king in this industry and has forced many rivals to shut down their service. You might be aware of the news that Google is soon shutting down its flagship messaging application, Hangouts. Hence, you can imagine the power of WhatsApp and what wonders it can do. Moreover, the newer versions of the WhatsApp update is making the application even better and stable.

In recent years, WhatsApp Mod APKs have gone very popular because of the limited updates by the official WhatsApp application. It is not that there is no alternative to WhatsApp. There all applications which have much more effective when we compare them to WhatsApp. However, WhatsApp still remains the most downloaded social messaging application because your friends and family is probably using this application and do not want to shift to another one. Hence, you also have to use the same old WhatsApp.

However, the new WhatsApp update 2.19.42 beta version has improved the new features in the application. Hence, you best update your WhatsApp application by simply going to the Google Play Store or downloading the latest WhatsApp apk on your smartphones. WhatsApp 2.19.42 better version is now officially available on the Google Play Store and then form of apk on other websites.

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What’s new?

The most significant change after being sent WhatsApp update is the call and video call option. Once you update the app, you will find a call option in all the WhatsApp groups that you have. This beta version update has made voice and group call simple and easy. Earlier, you could make a group call or a group voice call, however, there was no direct option to do so. You would have to go two individual chats and call your friend and then add other group members to the call using the add members option.

However, now you get a group call and group video call option directly in the groups. Simply select the people whom you want to call and enjoy. WhatsApp beta supports only for individuals or voice call as of now. There other applications which support up to 30 calls at a time. Moreover, there have been some major improvements in the stability and security after this WhatsApp update 2.19.42.

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