Use This Browser If You Are Really Concerned About Privacy

               Privacy is a big concern in the modern generation. People are willing to do anything to secure their personal data from being used by third-party applications websites. Web browsers are deeply involved in leaking data and putting your privacy at stake.

Even big names like Google Chrome and Firefox are involved in these activities. You might have gone through the recent report which claims how Google uses the private data of the users to display advertisements. Making them safer to use involves a lot of hard work.

Users how to install different extensions and tools on these browsers in order to make them safe for use. The extensions blocked external cookies which are stored on the device. However, there is a new browser which will help you to to get over these issues.

Brave browser is a perfect solution if you are looking for a browser which doesn’t affect your privacy. It is perhaps the only Browser which blocks all the third-party cookies which are not required to display the content of a publisher. It even blocks advertisements on different websites. However, it can be configured depending upon the choice of the user.

Many people have been raising concern because the publishers will not get their share of revenue as no advertisement is displayed on this browser. However, the developers of brave browser have confirmed that they have made a special arrangement to tackle this problem. They have integrated a platform using which the users can donate cryptocurrency to the publishers.

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However, this is voluntary. This is regarded as a good move because the publishers go through a lot of hard work in making the content. The amount of good content on the Internet will reduce if advertisements are blocked. Restricting advertisement means that the publishers will not have any source of income and this is a matter of big concern. The new initiative to donate using cryptocurrency is a good move. However, the browser also gives you the authority to select what to display and whatnot.

The users are also given complete authority over the advertisements. You can choose to display or hide the advertisements according to your choice. Cookie settings are also available in the browser itself. It is a full-proof Browser which is ready to tackle all the privacy and data leak problems.

Extensions & Availability

Brave Browser is available for download on all the platforms like Android, iOS, macOS and Windows. It also has the cross-platform sync option, in order to keep the bookmarks at one place.

Most people stick to Google Chrome because of the wide variety of extensions available on the Chrome web show. However, this is no worry when you are using brave Browser. This is because of the fact that the browser has been designed on the same platform as Google Chrome. Hence, you can add all the Chrome extensions to this browser as well. It can be simply done using the Chrome web store itself. Therefore, there is almost no difference between Google Chrome and this browser.

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Control What Brave Blocks

By default, the browser blocks all the third-party trackers, advertisements, and cookies. Hence, the browser is completely safe to use and there is no chance of any kind of compromise on privacy. However, you can change the settings according to your choice.

  • Go to the settings of the browser and select preferences
  • Now click on the shields menu
  • Here you will find all the settings like cookies, advertisements, and fingerprint setup.
  • Alter the settings according to your choice and you are all set to go with the most secure browser.
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