Acer’s New Helios 700 Is A Gaming Beast; All You Need To Know!

            Acer’s New Helios 700 Is A Gaming Beast: Acer has come up with the number of new devices. It displayed the upcoming laptops from the company at the “Next” event held in New York. The laptop that everyone’s attention was Helios 700. It is a gaming laptop which has some amazing beast-like features. It is probably one of the most powerful laptops built for gaming. The keyboard is special and has a drift like component which can slide. Hence the CPU and GPU gets cooled faster. This makes it very favorable for extreme gaming Conditions. There are many more features in the new Helios 700.

The new flagship gaming laptop of Acer is powered by the 9th generation i9 core CPU. Nvidia RTX Graphics adds to the power of Helios 700 and has up to 64GB memory. The two cooling vents can be accessed by sliding the keyboard. Hence, the CPU and GPU get cooled quickly. This is a big thing for those gamers who are involved in heavy gaming. So no more overheating issues. Usually, Laptops gets immensely heated upon gaming continuously and continuing in the same condition can result in extreme damages. Hence, the cooling vents will help you to get rid of the heat quickly and easily.

Helios 700 Specifications

Helios 700 is powered by i9 Core and 64 GB Ram. You get an option between 1TB SSD and 2TB Hard drive. It is supported by WiFi 6 and has 17 inches 1080p display. Audio quality is great because of the subwoofer system. The most attractive thing about Helios 700 is its touchpad which can be pulled out for opening the cooling vents. The grip of the touchpad is also fair to make a habit. The keyboard can be adjusted according to your handling style. Hence, if you are an intense gamer, you should own this laptop. It has better cooling system compared to most gaming laptops.

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Helios 700: Price & Availability

The New Helios 700 will be available in the market soon and is expected to be launched in North America in April itself. The expected price of this powerful gaming Acer laptop is $2700. It is a decent price for a gaming laptop with such amazing cool vents. If you are looking for a mid range gaming laptop, you can go with the smaller brother of this laptop. Helios 300 is also an amazing choice because of its powerful specification. It is powered by 32GB DDR4 Ram and Intel Core i7 processor. Hence, you can choose either of these two devices depending on your budget.


Helios 700 is among the most powerful gaming laptops and is surely going to become one of the most popular laptops. It is going to make a debut in the American Market in April. Acer will also launch the device in other countries soon. Hence, you must not think twice before buying this gaming laptop.

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